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Recent posts by Marjan Stojnev

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Why are you considering open source licenses for a closed-source product?

Hi Ulf,
We are often using opensource projects like Apache common-cli or hibernate or ... for our software...
Some kind of license (GPL for example) can cause that our code must be "opened" if we use that library.
That is reason why I am interested in licenses.
10 years ago
Thanks for quick answer, Jasper

Yes, I am working for company and we will sale our software.
I understand that there is large number of licenses which can or can not be used in commercial software. Your answer is correct in that way - only the lawyer can know why.

But I try there to complete an list of "common, opensource" licenses which can be used for this "commercial" purpose with no doubt that anyone who use this libraries can be suited because of license violation.

I know that there are much more licenses which can not be in this list, but if we create such a list, it will be useful resource for programmers/or companies which can not effort lawyer's services.

Best regards,
10 years ago
What about these licenses?

  • Bouncy Castle License
  • Mozilla Public License
  • BSD License
  • Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0
  • 10 years ago

    Radu Airinei wrote:Hi,
    We identified the same problem.
    Starting with 1.6 up 22, JWS will not update if JWS cache path contains any "white spaces". This problem will affect most of WindowsXP users since default JWS cache on WindowsXP is in "Documents and Settings" directory.
    A workaround is to modify JWS cache from Java Control Panel.

    Hi Radu,
    Thanks for this info, it is good to know. Based on this knowledge and testing, we have next report:

    jws update by clicking on shortcut works fine with jre versions: (default installation cache path)
    1.5.07, 1.6.10, 1.6.11, 1.6.14, 1.6.15, 1.6.16, 1.6.17, 1.6.19, 1.6.20, 1.6.21

    jws update by clicking on shortcut works fine with jre versions: (cache path with no whitespace characters)
    1.5.07, 1.6.10, 1.6.11, 1.6.14, 1.6.15, 1.6.16, 1.6.17, 1.6.19, 1.6.20, 1.6.21, 1.6.22, 1.6.23, 1.6.24

    jws update by clicking on shortcut NOT works with jre versions:
    1.6.12, 1.6.13, 1.6.18

    Only jre 1.5.07, and 1.6.10 - 1.6.24 are tested.
    Do you know, is there a bug report on sun site for this ?
    10 years ago

    prem pillai wrote:Are you accessing the application through a proxy? Proxy might be doing some caching ... !!

    No, application is always downloading directly from web-server.

    I tested jnlp updating process by clicking on desktop shortcut. I noticed that:
    On Jre 1.6.17 update works fine,
    On Jre 1.6.18 update works, but shortcut is not updated
    On Jre 1.6.23, 24 update is not working.

    Interesting thing is that there is error message:
    "Could not launch from cache. Will try online mode. [Some of required resources are not cached.]"
    when we using java On Jre 1.6.23, 24
    This message is not showing when Jre 1.6.17 is used.

    All testing is done on two applications - our app which have jnlp listed above, and one app downloaded from Sun site:"

    I will check all jre-s from 1.6.10 to 1.6.24 and i plan to use only jre-s which have no problems with update from shortcut.
    10 years ago
    Hi Paul,

    I call it problem because I have a update problem with jws. Updating of jnlp file sometimes does not work like it should.

    On one PC(winXP with java 1.6.23) updating of jnlp by clicking on previously installed application shortcut does not work. Old JNLP is not never changing . JNLP update is working only if I run new jnlp file. (I check jnlp state in ControlPanel/Java Control Panel/Java Cache Viewer)

    On different PC(winxp with java 1.6.17) updating work fine several times, by running app by clicking shortcut, but it fails sometimes without reason. It works perfect if I run new jnlp file, too.

    Updating of changed resources(jars) works fine.

    Can I do something to ensure that update of JNLP will work every time I run app by clicking only installed app shortcut?
    10 years ago
    Hi, I have a problem,

    I have an jws application. It is deployed on web-server.
    When client first time run application by running it's jnlp file, on his desktop will be created one shortcut.

    If I edit jnlp on server by adding some resources(jar files) and changing codebase, can client just start app by double click on shortcut to update both NEW jnlp and new jars?

    Old jnlp

    changes are <jar href="NEW.JAR" /> and codebase="http://server/PRODUCTION"
    new jnlp:

    10 years ago

    I am working on java project which will be closed-source, commercial application. There are menu very useful third-party libraries which can be used in my application, but I do not know which libraries I can use because of possible license violations.
    I am wondering is there a list of software licenses which can be used in commercial projects.
    If such list does not exist, can we make one?

    For beginning, I know (correct me if I am wrong) that libraries with these licenses can be used in commercial, closed-source applications:
    1. Apache2 (
    2. LGPL (
    3. MIT (

    I think that closed-source software cannot use GPL licensed libraries? Am I correct?

    11 years ago
    I have one problem there...I am trying to use JWS and JNLP on non standard way..
    Idea is that JNLP file can hold some data for mine Java application. This textual data can be stored in property nodes of jnlp file and then provided to application through command line <argument>...

    It works fine, application is started as JWS application and load data from jnlp properties, but there is one problem:
    -I want to have several different jnlp files(only properties data is changed) on my client machine, and, when first jnlp is started, user will see application with data stored in properties of first jnlp file. When second jnlp is started, application shows data from second jnlp file...and so on...

    But problem is that if any version of jnlp is started, I wil see only data from jnlp which is stored on our web-server, (defined by codebase argument).
    JWS automatically download exactly that version of jnlp and then run it.

    So, question is, can I force JWS to load property values not from server version of JNLP, but from mine locale version?

    Best regards,

    12 years ago
    Interesting is that I try something like this earlier, but when I run it in Eclipse, it does not worked. "\b" is printed in Eclipse console like small square appended to already printed string!!!
    So I didn't try it in real console where it works perfectly.

    Thanks again!!!

    12 years ago
    I have java console application which do some time-consuming work. Because of that I want to print information of current progress in console of application in percentage format. Something like this:

    Idea is to have all the time only one line in console to show current progress. So, there will be changed only numbers from 0 to 100.
    I want to delete something what is already printed in console and then print updated information.
    I think that C and TurboPascal can do that by clearing console or using "\b" to clear last character

    But I don't know can Java support this?

    There are some interesting links, but neither one can help me:

    12 years ago

    Moojid Hamid wrote:Just a guess: have you tried to set the prit area in the print mehod? try to set pf.getPaper().setImageableArea() where pf is your PageFormat object.

    It works! I try It on my and on printer and on one HP and it works. I find that with g2d.translate(pf.getImageableX(), pf.getImageableY()); it does'nt work.
    Interesting now is that I have big unprinted location on paper where is margin, but placement of image is correct. Can I manage it from Java - to say to printer to print maximum square of paper it can?
    12 years ago
    I am writing a simple program which will print data on specific location on pre-printed forms.
    Something like this but in PORTRAIT mode:

    I measure distance from bottom-left (or from bottom-right border) of page(in PORTRAIT mode) and
    I expect that it will be same on each printer, but some printers move printing without reason...

    When I try my program on my printer(Lexmark Z715), it worked correctly, but when I try it on HP LJ1020
    and HP Deskjet F2280, locations for printing are misplaced.

    This is picture with correctly placement(scroll it down)
    (Grid is shown just for measurement...)

    This is what I get on HP-s:
    (Grid is shown just for measurement...)

    Can someone tell me how to know where exactly on page will be printed something in Java?

    Part of program which print:

    12 years ago
    Thank You.
    12 years ago
    I learned that Android does not support JavaFx for time being. Is there any chance for Android to support this technology in the future? Because I am interested in developing platform-independent application, for Android and PC. JavaFX is ideal for that.
    12 years ago