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Recent posts by David Roach

I apologize for being a bit green in asking this question, but I am C++ low level programmer migrating into Java so please understand.

I am responsible for making sure our companies Java Server Application is up and running under Mac OSX. Of course the application runs fine under Linux and Windows, so I began this process by copying over the product from the Linux version to the Mac.

Our Java Server App requires particular things they are:

at least : Java 1.5
JBoss 4.0.5 GA
Tomcat 5.5.25

The Linux installation installs all the appropriate files for our product under jboss-4.0.5.GA/server

Also with the jboss-4.0.5.GA folder there is jdk1.5.0_15, which is part of the requirement for the package.

On the Mac Server, there is the Server Admin application in the Dock. I launch that and started the Application server. It tells me that JBoss is version 3.2.3 and Tomcat is version 4.1.29

My first question is, how do I upgrade the application server to use:

version 4.0.5 GA of JBoss
version 5.5.25 of Tomcat

instead of the versions that ship with the Apple Server?

When I start the Application Server with the admin application, I get a nice Green light saying the service has started. However, when I click on the Manage JBoss button I get 404 - /web-console error.

Also, within the "server" folder there are two folders one is "default" and the other is "nameofourserverapp"

I assume that this is a way to kick off our application once JBoss starts up. Am I correct with this?

I am sorry for being so green to a lot of this, but I try to learn by asking questions, it tends to stick in my head longer.

12 years ago