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Recent posts by Piet Souris

You could give the Country class a method 'public City getCapital()' that would simplify the code a little.
1 hour ago
Your BiConsumers are the same (did Campbell mention this already?)
So you can do here:
2 hours ago
Note thar you can reduce the typing a little by using the var keyword, and by importing static Collectors.*.
The expression

is a Consumer<Person>, and so, it requires just one parameter. That the action it performs consists of executing a two-parameter BiConsumer doesn't matter.

And you can use andThen like this:

and then do:

Note that the List of hobbies is an Arrays.asList, meaning that you cannot add or remove other hobbies.
4 hours ago
Congrats, it does the job! It is a bit complicated, though. This is what I came up with:

This 'lineSeperator' is a bit problematic for what I have, since it consists of two characters on my Windows machine. But a replace could fix that.
2 days ago
Wow, did I propose a nonsense solution... don't know what I was thinking.
Anyway, a simple loop did the job, no fancy streams, no escapes, no splitting.
2 days ago
hi Dmitry,

welcome to the Ranch and enjoy the stay!

One way is to make a regex of the string "24 apr.(saturday) - " and call it s. Then you can split the whole expression with "expression.split(s.repeat(N))". That repeat method is from java 16, I think
3 days ago
How about creating Durations (see the API of the Duration class) from the input times? You can then simply add them to get total time.
1 week ago
Thanks, guys.

Never heard of that BOM. Learned a thing or two here. And cows to Ron and Carey, who made the thing very clear.
1 week ago
Also possible is to have a running total and a delta that gets added to total in each step. Afte every three steps change the sign of delta.

But hey: this is a periodic function, so the very first thing that comes to mind is a Fourier series.      
1 week ago
But hey: where's the loop?
1 week ago
Coordinate need not be generic at all. For instance: class Coordinate extends Pair<Double, Double>
1 week ago
A Number has the method: doubleValue()
1 week ago
Do you expect things like Coordinate<Float, BigInteger>?  Do you need two generic types?
1 week ago
I like David's switch, if only because it is certainly not the first thing that comes up! I was thinking of using java 11 String.repeat, but the way to get a different string for every repeat is a bit ugly.
2 weeks ago