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Recent posts by Cristian Popescu

Are there any cheap trainings from Oracle for this certification? Most of them are within the 800-2200 euros each.
Thank you for any input.
I'm not happy with this new change. Before, I was able to sustain the certifications in the same city where I live. After the new change, the closest center is at least an hour away of driving.

is there any way, using hyperjaxb3, to generate jaxb objects directly from a database? I saw examples on how to generate the jaxb objects from xml files. There are also ways to generate sql code from xsd file using the hyperjaxb plugin. None on how to do it the other way. I'm currently facing a legacy database (around 500 tables) that was already in place for a 10-15 years. We're looking forward to implement a JPA solution. Any help on the hyperjaxb3 would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

I'm new to GWT and I was trying to get a simple app that will use GWT+Spring+Maven. I was able to find a suitable example on the internet for GWT+Spring+Maven, that also work. THe issue is that when I'm trying to define new beans and inject them in the exsiting GWT ones, the DI doesn't work as expected. I am getting no errors though, just null values.

The example was taken from I had to tweak it a little bit to work properly. To that app I was trying to add a BO layer and a DAO layer.

Any suggestions how could I register&inject those beans (myObjectDAO and myObjectBO) into "quoteService"? "quoteService" bean is registered and injected properly in "quoteController". I do have the setters properly in place for the properties in the bean class, otherwise spring would complained.
Thank you.



9 years ago