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Recent posts by Brendon Randall

Well why do you not loop through your ArrayList and test to see if that index is null or not? What type is your ArrayList?
12 years ago
Hi all any help with this would be appreciated.

I have embarked on trying to make a new mobile product, and while i have been researching Java Card technology, i need a server that can handle all these requests that i send.

Basically from what i have picked up in my research is that i need to create a Http server that can handle these post requests. I am trying to figure out how the best way to go about this is, basically i dont want to write a servlet to handle this and i dont want a web based application. I have seen that the class HttpServer may be what i need to use. But im not sure where to start or how to go about this as i have very little knoledge about http post requests.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12 years ago
Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with developing application with Java Card. We want to embark on a new mobile banking solution, and would preferably like to store the application on the mobile Sim Card. From my research this seems possible with Java Card and the help of a cellular network to actually load the application onto the Sim card.

What i wanted to find out is, has anyone got experience in this and if so, could they point me in the right direction to start developing this app. Would also like to find out the server side part of this. As will need to develop a server that handles all the requests that are made by the mobil phone.

Thank you very much in advance
12 years ago
Thanks for the reply, i have just tried that, this is what i did

But still no luck the buttons do not show
12 years ago
Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem, I am trying to add some JButtons into a JPanel from a method call that is triggered by a buttons actionlistener, the problem i have got is when it comes to adding the button it does not show on the JPanel but if i get the component count of the JPanel it shows it as being there. I am using Netbeans 6.5 and using a FlowLayout for my JPanel, this is what i have

in my first JPanel that i have i add buttons to it when the JPanel is created and this works fine

As you can see i created my own actionlistener for these buttons which i attach to the buttons and this is what it looks like

In my actionlistener i then call a few methods that are in the PosTeller class as this is where my JPanel sits, here are the methods

The problem is when it gets to the addToCatPane() and i create the buttons to add to the productsPane absolutly nothing happens, nothing gets displayed!! but the component count shows that there are components there, i have called rePaint() reValidate() inValidate() etc etc and nothing seems to make them display....

Please can someone help me
12 years ago
Thanks alot Michael that is very helpful, but i am now thinking that i may design a new JFrame and set its layout to a flow design, then when the frame loads it just queries the DB for all products that are stored and creates buttons for all of them.
12 years ago
Maybe try something like this

in your edit form : -

Then when you want to pass to that form you can pass like : -

12 years ago
Hi all, im not too sure how to go about this, hopefully someone can help me.

What i need to do is create a button from an event with code behind it. I have a JFrame with carious text fields for a user to enter product information and save it to a database. What i would like to be able to do now is when the user saves this information to the databse a button will be created on a different Jframe with the name of the product and some some more handling behind that button when that is pressed. The reason i want to do this is that i am trying to make a TouchScreen point of sales application

Thanks very much
12 years ago
Thanks alot Varun worked just fine
12 years ago
Hi all im new here and pretty new to java to. I am just working through examples and trying things out for my self.

What i wanted to do was read a text file that has records in them seperated by a newline and pass them into an ArrayList.

So far i have created an Accounts class that looks like this

After that i have created a class called ReadFile that looks like this

so what i wanted to know is how can i pass what i have read from the txt file into an ArrayList as Objects?? can any one help me?

My understanding is that i would create an arraylist like

12 years ago