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Recent posts by Chaitanya Jadhav

Please share your learning experience. share book name, site name..
8 years ago
Dear Ankit,

Congratulations ||||
14 years ago

Thanks Marcos, Devaka Cooray, arulk pillai, Byju Joy

Marcos Serrano wrote:Congrats !!

but now it's time to take a break before starting SCWCD

NO, Marcos i am very hurry..
15 years ago
Hi Java Rancher,

I passed SCJP 5 with 80%.
Thanks to Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates.
Thanks Devaka and all JavaRancher.

Book: - Study Guide by Kathy and Bert (4 times)
Duration: 4 Month (2-3 h)
Try to write down notes yourself. It will be very helpful.

Next target – SCWCD

15 years ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:

Chaitanya Jadhav wrote: Hi,

when i installing examlab 1.5 this error is coming

As shown by that screenshot, that error is about the JET driver installation. Can you try to launch the ExamLab application without installing JET driver?

Yes dear i tried without JET driver but , not working ...
any other option.

when i installing examlab 1.5 this error is coming

please tell me what is problem with me

please see attachments.

my OS is:- XP professional


Dear Khalid & Rolf Sir,

Wish you all the best for your new book.

and hope that your book will Rock in SCJP world...


Ankit Garg wrote:Chaitanya did you try your code?? The exception doesn't come when you add the element. The exception comes while iterating the List...

Hi Ankit
See the full modified code.
If you modified the code it will run fine. but i don't known whats gotcha.

* Both object reference variable are refer to only one object :

The type safe reference variable in main method is temporary hold(or use any other word)
when you call add stuff() method,

but variable "list" is not type safe.

* if you modify code exception will not come.


15 years ago

15 years ago

NOT wrong solution.

the option d is right.(RuntimeException at line number 2)

Hi Sonali,

Congrats....... Great score.....
15 years ago