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Recent posts by Mark Moge

EJB can be a WS client as well
9 years ago
You can use EJB with a timer and expose it as web service.
9 years ago
What is the easiest way to invoke a handler on the server side (web service generated from WSDL using axis2)? I use Tomcat 6 with axis2 and I have problem with the handler. Should I use @HandlerChain annotation and file with a configuration or modify phases in axis2.xml file?

My test handler:
9 years ago
Thank you for the solution, it works!
11 years ago
How can I change an endpoint of a web service which was created by axis2 wsdl2java script?

I have working Web Service with the endopint http://localhost:6060/axis2/services/myService/ and cannot figure out how I can use it with http://localhost:6060/myService/ (without axis2/services). Could you help me solve this problem or point resources which could guide me (after two days of searching still do not know how to do this)
11 years ago
How can I protect JMS queue with user/pass? I have two classes: Producer and Receiver. I am trying to set user/pass values in Producer class which will be required for Receiver to get messages. Using below code Receiver can connect to the queue and get messages without passing any user/pass values.

For the record: the code with the explicit casting compiles.

Paul Clapham wrote:Just one additional comment -- because Mark chose Integer for the type of object

I have used Integer instead of int because I thought that reference to it allows to modify the object (and couldn't understand why it didn't work). But it turned out that copy of the reference passed as input parameter was assigned to another object.

Matthew Cory wrote:Another aspect that I'd meant to mention and forgot about was that the wrapper classes -- such as Integer -- and a few other JDK library classes (String is the main one that comes to mind) are immutable

Even the Integer class is immutable, in this case, assigning different Integer object with new value would be ok if you need just a value of it. But as it was explained earlier, method uses copy of the reference which doesn't have any effect on the orginal object, because points to the diffrent one :)

Thanks all of You for replies :)
11 years ago
Thanks, for quick and very useful answer. In fact I had known that parameters in java aren't passed as reference and I've used mistaken words to describe passing a reference (not as reference) to an object. Anyway this two sentences are what I was looking for

If the method changes its copy of the pointer to point to a different object the original pointer is not affected. If the method changes some of the attributes of the object, it changes the original object.

11 years ago

I have a question regarding passing parameters to a method. Can someone explain me why modifyParameters(Integer v1, Integer v2) doesn't change variables even they are passed as references are references to the objects.

Java code:
11 years ago
I have some questions about a career in Barcelona. Does anyone know how much java programmer (2 years of experience) can make in Barcelona?

main skills: Java SE, JAXB xml, xsd, perl
basic: Web Services, EJB, JUnit, PL/SQL, WebLogic
windows and unix environments

Is it posible for a foreigner to find a decent job as a java programer or senior programmer?
What about an approximately cost of living there? I mean how much I need to rent a room/flat and pay for bills and everyday expenses?
Is spanish language "must be"? Which level? (I know that the best option is to know it very well but after few months i think the level of it will improve)
How about a catalan? If english is not enough, does english and spanish(intermediate) will be ok?
11 years ago
The test method throws an AssertionError. The catch block in main() can catch Exception but cannot catch Error. So main method trows Error. You can catch this error in this way
Ok, I can see your point of view and it works. Thanks a lot for solution.

13 years ago