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Recent posts by Shiva Sankhar

In so many interviews, they are asking 2 questions and they told you can leave for the day.
and in some telephonic interviews answered all questions then I am confident on result.But in feedback they told that not cleared the interview.This type of situations disappoints me.Thats why I am going to analyse the where is the problem?

8 years ago

After this last post, I tried in job searching...fortunately HR persons are considering my profile.Unfortunately I am not able to clear rounds.But I am trying my level best.

What my observation in interview,they are not intendd to give me.It reflects on evry interview.
Is it happen? or any other cause?

Please help me in analysis....

Appreciate your best suggestions....

Raghunath(Shiva Sankhar)
8 years ago

I have windows xp o/s in my CPU and internet connecting through mobile.Some times suddenly keyboard,Mouse and CPU hangs up and giving shock when I touching to mobile(power is coming to mobile).And then need to restart.I dont know why it is happening.

Please help me if you can.

8 years ago
For example: How can we use executable file (developed by c/cpp) as a component in java?
9 years ago
Hi Henry ,

Thanks for your reply.

I am confident on my work and technologies.But I am getting the problem in inerviews.
I never byheart any thing.I just understand the concepts and using API while coding.I can't remember huge API.But in interview I am getting different type of questions.If I am not able to answer, they are thinking as I am not reaching the rating.Thats why I got question about rating.

Give me suggestion for how to perform well interviews.

Core Java - I didnt work core java projects ,But In J2ee projects I used some concepts.But In interview, they are expecting more on strong level.What are the concepts would cover in core java to perofrm well?
(except - OOPs,String,String Buffer,String Builder,exceptions,collections,threads,..)
9 years ago

What is Daemon thread?

( I am not understanding this concept in threads)

Appreciate your valuable replies.


In intervews technical rating is required now a days.How can we estimate the rating.

For example I want to tell Core Java/J2EE/Struts/Hibernate ... rating 7 out of 10.To justify this, what should I do?

Appreciate your valuable replies.
9 years ago

Don't reply to a real employer like that.

I never do that.In this forum only I expressed my opinions.I am sending my profile to friends but not short listing.I am updating technologies and contributing open source technologies and practised my self with sought after technologies and maintaing the blog.In sleep also I am thinking about java(what else I can do?).

My problem is not getting shortlisted profile.

I saw some of solutions by write the functional resume in this situation.Is it right?
Could you please help me to find the functional resume format.

In some times , thinking about the career and wasting time by frustration.
I want to quit from this situation.

Please suggest me.
9 years ago
Hi Ulf Dittmer

Thanks for replying.
I agree with that employers may worry about my skills in gap time.But it is an assumption.Without interviewing the person how will they think negatively?As a regular employee, they can give opportunity.Based on their judgement,they can give an offer /reject.
I am looking for opportunity to prove myself, not the job directly.

As I mentioned earlier, gap came in recession time,it causes to increase the gap,not for getting calls.

9 years ago
Hello friends,

I have 3 years experience in java.In recession time, I lost job.After that somany offers were dropped out,it makes years of gap.
I am always trying with real profile, forwarding to friends , colleagues,etc.Because of long gap, my profile has not shortlisted.I am very confident on technologies,but nobody recognizing my truthness.Some times I am very frustrating.I feel sometimes gap in employment is sin in India.If I go in wrong way, somany background checks are going nowadays.Its not preferable,but what to do?

Why the people/employers are not accept with true profile?
I am an experienced person,in my situation I am agree with entry level/considering less experience.
How can I commnicate with employers?
Do I need to close my hopes/trails in IT field?

Please give me valuable suggestions
9 years ago
Hi Tim Holloway,

2. Get WebLogic plugins for Eclipse from Oracle/BEA ?

I am just confusing to find out to download plugins between Oracle WebLogic Server Web Server Plugins 1.1 Download
or Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse .

Could you please suggest me.
9 years ago

I want do the j2ee applications using eclipse with weblogic 9.2.
Can I get free eclipse version for weblogic?
9 years ago

I have 3+ years of experience in java,j2ee(2005 to 2008) and after that I have 3 years employment gap in IT.I want to come back to IT industry.During the gap time,I have updated technologies like hibernate,spring and contributed in open source technologies.For searching jobs I have posted my CV in job portals ,sending to some of my friends and some companies.But I didn't get calls.When I contaced with friends, they told me that my CV not short listed during the gap.How can I approach the employers?Will I get job if I hope positively.

Thanks in advance,
9 years ago
Hi Sunny BHandari,

I am from Bangalore,India.

I have send private message to you.

Thanks for your intrest on me.

9 years ago
Thanks for valuable suggestions.

At present, I need job,I dont think about the company size/level whether it is MNC or not

But, How can I approach the employers?

Can I go for walkins?

Is there any restriction to consider my profile by MNCs?

Please suggest me....
9 years ago