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Hi guys!

I'm asking before bored some examiner

How many details has to exist in my sequence diagrams? In my case a simple use case (4 actions) is reaching 30 steps and it's not finished yet!
What is safe to remove in these diagrams and what should I keep?

Something like that, yes!
But major cases will be used to keep user data shared over N app instances on PaaS.
So... PaaS providers already have in their stacks Cache services, my plan is just consume that feature which is there ;)

Best Regards!
Hi Andres!

This isn't a golden plate at all!
My requirement is very clear when it says application must be able to scale freely and in my opinion Session EJB or Managed bean session scoped is a huge blocker to this requirement. If in real life i refused to use Sticky sessions I won't do this in my assignment either!

In other matters i agreed with you!

I'm kind of afraid about use an (outsider) solution and that wouldn't be accepted.
Well, in situations that i have to keep information in session I'll have problems on scaling my application (ps. a Sticky Session is not a valid solution in my POV) so, the Cache will keep that information and as long app scales information will be still available.
Hi there!

I'm planning to use a cache server (like redis) in my design.
Is that allowed?

I'm asking because in essay it says: "the architecture must be based on the Java EE platform"

I think they want to see diagrams so well constructed that they are able to explain themselves and in a way that a textual explanation will not be necessary.

One of the requirements in my essay is scalability, so i decided to use a "Cloud Friendly" design. In this approach I had 2 questions:

1) Where and how can i represent the load balancer (and if i had to)?

2) When i take the SCJD i had a "choices.txt" where i put a better description of every choice i made. In this exam where can i describe that design decision?

Grammar Nazis are a real thing just like that?

I had a Job opportunity in Canada in the past and i declined because of fear of change. I'm not a English native speaker (far from that), if i had the same contact today i probably would decline to be afraid of misuse some word and be crucified for this. My opinion is that the prior objective of any language is to communicate and i think the fella up here achieved that goal. Funniest thing is English speakers usually speaks only English (that you are suppose to) and have the guts to point finger to people that can speak 3, 4, 5 languages.


PS I agreed that if you are aiming a hi job position you are expected to have compatible language skills with it. But here is not a job interview.
5 years ago
Hi Mike!

Thanks for the heads up!!


Thanks for reply!

It is all in pearson website? Or I have to buy a voucher in pearson an then use it to download project in oracle?

sorry for silly question
Hi everyone!

I just pass in exam!
Now I'm a little lost... I decided to take the mandatory course in the end of process, so what about now? I have to buy a voucher to ask for a project?

Thanks in advice!
Hi Guys!

Quick question.
A few years ago I bought a Allen/Bambara book which refer to 310-051 exam. Is that book good to go these days, or I've got to buy another one?

Welcome Mark Cade & Humphrey Sheil