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Recent posts by Rich Hertz

A.>You have �intelligently� copied Jason's answer
yeah, yeah,.. near simultaneous post. I was writing, then was pulled away from my desk, then posted.
Sweet jebus, I can't believe this thread keeps going and going. It's like an un-funny snl skit that just keeps pounding on the same joke.
shashank, please respond to this post by spewing another poorly-formatted 500-word essay. Oh, and make sure to keep using the letter u to mean "you" as well as r to mean "are". After all, I'd like to be as 'accommodative' as possible.

[This message has been edited by Rich Hertz (edited September 19, 2001).]
18 years ago
Keep masturbating actively?
18 years ago
A> Thread Subject "Certified Developer (96%) with Oracle skills and a degree ... not even entry level?": Has nothing to do with H1B.
The original poster mentioned he was searching for a job in either the US or Canada. The H1B program is relevant in the US.
B> Karl Fu is from Canada and not from America. H1B is NOT his problem.
See Above.
C> This is NOT America. This is cyberspace.
I was, of course, referring to Ashwin's comments regarding US citizen's priority for US jobs in relation to H1B's priority.
D> Congrats!! You are just added to the list of people like Chris ...
Great. Chris sounds like a smart guy.
To Anyone willing to reply,
I repeat my basic questions, which I have asked in all the threads that herb tried to spoil with H1B discussion.
How is the link relevant? That is �how is the link posted by herb relates to Karl Fu's problems?�

Again, refer to my response to item ">A" above.
18 years ago
I think everyone here but you sees that you're the only person with the hate problem. I suggest you speak with a mental health care professional about this.
This is a message board for people looking to discuss the Java job market. If you keep posting inflammatory and insulting messages here, the sheriffs will just begin to delete them (I'd hope!).
No serious poster here is "treating H1-B's like trash" or saying mean words about them. Please think more carefully before you post.
This is America. We are American citizens and the discussion here seems to be revolving around American companies. You can expect the situation for foreign (non-U.S. citizens) workers in this country to be very different from the situation for U.S. citizens.
18 years ago