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Kris Massey

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Recent posts by Kris Massey

Celinio Fernandes wrote:Hi,
I get the same exact problem. Same configuration, same error messages.

Did you find a solution to your problem ?

No solution as of yet...Im fairly sure I now understand the problem but cant figure it out....I had to put this aside as the deadline for the work was looming but I would like to find a solution thats for sure!

I think the problem is around how Eclipse sets up JaxB. Im leaning this was as the Jboss JaxB libs seem to be slightly different from the core sun ones and Im wondering if Eclipse is defaulting to the Sun Jars first and not the ones within the container you I said thats my thinking but I could be way off.

If you find a soltuon please come back and post it up there for future reference!

What senario have you hit the problem in?
8 years ago
Hey all,

Im getting a really strange error that I cant for the life of me track down...

When using Jboss 5.0.1 (with some custom tweaks) and Eclipse I get the stack trace below when trying to submit a WS SOAP request.

My enviornment setup is:

Eclipse Ganymede Version: 3.4.2
Jboss 5.0.1 (with some custom tweaks)

Eclipse is running in JDK 1.5
Jboss is running in JDK 1.6

All of the myprojects in Eclipse are set to build with JDK 1.5, all launch environments (Except the Jboss server) are set to JDK 1.5. The reason JBoss needs 1.6 JDK is that it throws a whole bunch of versioning issues if its running on 1.5.

The strangest things is that if I use Eclipse to build the ear file and deploy it in the same JBoss instance outside of Eclipse everything works correctly, but as soon as I try and use Eclipse for deploynent the error above occurs. Its really strange as the JAVA_HOME in the JBoss run.bat is set to JDK 1.5 however if I do this in Eclipse it falls over. Im assuming ther is something within Eclipse that nees to be modified for this to work but as I said Ive tried everything I can think if with no joy.

Has anyone come across this before? and if so did you have any joy finding a work around?

8 years ago
Hey guys,

Does anyone know if JLint works well with Java 5? The readme files doesnt mention anything newer than JDK 1.4. Before I start playing around this afternoon I was wondering if anyone has used Java 5 and JLint together? and if so what was the result?

Many thanks
Hey guys,

Ive come across a problem and Im not sure about the best way to proceed...

I need to display the progress of a large background process...I know the swing worker will allow me to update the UI live without threading issues...but Im un sure what component would be the best to use, mainly for overhead. My thinking is to use a JList and then append a new line to the end of a List Model...but Im not a hardcore Swing developer and was wondering if there is a preferred method of doing this? Below is a little more detail...

So are are going to be processing in the region fo 200,000 files and each one needs to be placed into the To Do list first off which needs to be displayed and then moved to the processed list once it has been completed. My thinking is that if we load everything into the to do list (JList) at the start then we can simply remove them and add them to the processed list (JList) once they have been worried lay around the ability of a JList to contain 200,000 records and then be modified live, will this cause the GUi to take loads of resources and the underlying process will need as much CPU as it can get to complete the job quickly....

Hope Ive made what Im trying to do clear any comments would be great as Im a bit of a novice when it comes to developing multi thread Swing apps...

Cheers in advance
9 years ago
Hey guys,

Ive just had a search over the boards about implementing security in JSF and Im still a little unsure about the best way to go about implementing security...

My situation is that we are going to have a large number of users for our the region of 400 we expect. Each user will have access to defined sections of the site vie JSF. My question is this, would it be easier for us to implement our own security system and wire that into JSF or use the container security? My concern with the container security is that we may need to end up expanding the security roles for users as the system goes and creating our own system for this might prove easier in the long run...

Ive been having a look at a few examples and I cant seem to find anything that handles security mappings the same as Spring (Which is the framework I know best) Can anyone show me how you define a secure section to a site? I expect we will end up with everything under /admin/** being requiring a login and everything else being open to the public...I know this is a simple thing but I would like to get some input on the best way to go about implementing it in JSF...we are trying to stick as close to the J2EE outlines as possible...the next thing I have to do is read up on JAAS which I personally have no knowledge of to see if this could help us at all...

Any comments or pointers to other sites that could help me get an understanding of my options would be great

9 years ago
Thanks that helped...there is a variable you can used which Ive added below in case anyone stumbles across this and needs the answer

Cheers for the guidance
9 years ago
Forgot to mention that later Im going to include this in an ear file so any pointers on getting it to work with glassfish would also be great!

So a bit more detail as I think this is a likely cause of the problem but Im new to both OSX and log4j...would I need to alter the permissions on the logs foler inside of tomcat? I assumed that as the webapp is running within tomcat it wouldnt need to be altered but I could be mistaken
9 years ago
Hey guys Im new to log4j and was hoping I could get a quick bit of help...

Ive got the following file

Im trying to use the TOMCAT_HOME environment variable to locate the logs folder...Im not sure if this is the correct way to do things or not for a start. However Ive tried using just test.log and no log file is being created...Ive setup an stdout logger and that works so I know the file is being read but for some reason this lest.log doesnt get created....

Can anyone help me out as its driving me mad and I know it should be easy to correct but for some reason I just cant get it right

9 years ago

is the error I get, I googled it an everyone says just add it as provded inthe scope and everything works...seems a but of a bodge to me and I would like to know why its needed
9 years ago
Thanks for the help...

I managed to get it all working this morning after tinkering with a few things, all the changes were in the ejbModule pom file which Ive added incase anyone gets the same problem and comes across this.

One quick question is about the dependecy below Ive had to add

Could you give me a brief guide as to why this is needed?
9 years ago
and thats where you lose me! do you mean like this?

Im sure you know what if I add it throws an error about a missing artifact...
9 years ago
Hey guys...Ive been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours now and just cant see the issue...

Below Ive added 5 pom.xml files that Ive Java Module, one EJB module, one Web module, One Enterprise Module and the master pom

Java Module

EJB Module

Web Module

Enterprise module

Master Pom

When I try and package everything the Java, EJB and Web modules work fine...however the Enterprise module fails with the error below

My file structure is

Im sure the problem is fairly simple but this is the first time Ive tried using maven this way and really am stumped..any help would be great!

9 years ago