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Recent posts by Charlie E Collins

Asif Kadiwala wrote:Hi,

After android 1.0 onwards, android is not providing any permission to access .apk files at the runtime. So Regarding android Hacking chapter, Is there any way to change that permission and call the .apk file at the runtime which resides in the /sdcard.

My aim is to transfer a .apk file from the desktop during the application execution , store it in the /sdcard and call it dynamically using PathClassLoader.

Thanks in advance.

I don't know exactly how they do it, but there is an app in the Android Market that lets you install apps from the SDCard - APK Installer - I use it frequently actually. I haven't looked into the details, but you can load packages and so on from the APIs (shouldn't be too tough to figure out).
15 years ago
The code is available, yes, it's Apache licensed - use it as you see fit.

We do have code that uses the FileSystem and SD card too, the easiest to get started with is probably the "FileStorage" sample app:

Our book supports the current Android release 1.x. We updated a lot of it for 1.0, and we have tested all the samples with 1.1.

-- Charlie

John Miller-George wrote:I'm interested in your book and have some questions:

1) I like to be able to re-use example code commercially under the same license as Android itself. Do you have re-useable example code in your book?

2) Do you have example code for using data and files on the /sdcard?

3) What is the highest Android release number supported in your book?



15 years ago