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Recent posts by belakumari das

static methods are available in subclass.
please share your thoughts and which books you refered.
12 years ago
you can go for head first servlet for SCWCD Servlet, hemant demukh SCWCD is also good.
congratulation and best of luck for your future
12 years ago
congratulation and best of luck for your future
12 years ago
Attend mock exams for check your knowledge.
There are many you can get on web free.
You can check

If any body appearing for PMP, Check for some good materials in
12 years ago
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for details check

12 years ago
Only pass SCJP is easy. You can do it in 15 days but getting good percentile is tough.

So study each chapter and attend mock test subject wise. This will help you lot.
I prefer to read the study guide after that attend free mock exam
I think you can go for some books or study materials.
You can set attributes in request object. In servlet

After forwarding servlet to JSP , You can get the object from request and display .

SCWCD Exam topics are

The Servlet Technology Model Yes
The Structure and Deployment of Web Applications Yes
The Web Container Model Yes
Session Management Yes
Web Application Security Yes
The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology Model Yes
Building JSP Pages Using the Expression Language (EL) Yes
Building JSP Pages Using Standard Actions Yes
Building JSP Pages Using Tag Libraries Yes
Building a Custom Tag Library Yes
Java EE Patterns

You can go one by one topic and study.

After study you can check your knowledge by topic wise attending some mock exam also.