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Recent posts by anuragbhalla

Cud anybody tell me how can i save an attachment on the disk using Mail API.
I am retrieving the attachment as a part object.I have to save this attachment on the disk.I am running out of ideas as to how to save this attachment as a file.

Anurag Bhalla
Software Engineer
eSamsung UMIT Infotech Pvt. Ltd
15th floor,Signature Towers
Gurgaon, India

19 years ago

I am trying to use the method Runtime.getRuntime().exec in a servlet.But there seems to be a path problem
as it is giving IO exception.I have given path related to the servlet.What mistake am I doing ??

Thanx & Regards
Anurag Bhalla
Project Trainee
Usha Martin Infotech Ltd.
63,Udyog Vihar phase- IV
Gurgaon, Haryana
Ph. No - 6398071-78 Ext - 466
20 years ago
Hello guys
I want the cursor to be on a specific textbox when my
applet loads.How do I do that ??
Also, can I set the focus on a text box on generation of some event
Thanx in anticipation

20 years ago
Mr. Saurabh has mistakingly put his post in developer forum
He wants to prepare for SCJP
I am also planning to take Developer exam.Pls
give me ur email ids,and addresses.I think we can gain a lot
if we manage to get this study group going
Thanx & Regards
Anurag Bhalla
Software Developer
Usha Martin Infotech Ltd.
63,Udyog Vihar phase- IV
Gurgaon, Haryana
Ph. No - (91)6398071-78 Ext - 466
r U saurabh azaad from faridabad ??

Originally posted by saurabh azad:
Any body interested in forming a study group in new delhi, india.
I am interested in giving SJCP Exam in the coming month or so.
It will be cool if like minded people interact with each other.
mail me at :

Hello Gurus
Please answer the following Q's ASAP as I have my exam tommorrow morning.
( I Assure U a drink at the saloon if I get thru tommo )

True or False
1. JVM exits after the main() thread is exited even if there might be some threads running.
2. You can stop a thread indefinitely if you wish to.

3. when is the number of rows and columns decided
a. when container is created
b. when gridbaglayout obj ic created and assigned

5. Which of the following statements about GirdBagLayout is true?
() You can only make change to one row or one column
() fill is irrelevant when you select anchor as CENTER.
() You must specify to the component at end of the row as REMAINDER.
() anchor is irrelevent When you select fill as BOTH.

All yours
Congratulations on that mammoth score.
Pls shed some light as to whether the Q's matched with the format of the mock testor were they different ?
Waiting for ur reply
Congrats for this mammoth score.
me too . .
Hey !!
Congrats on ur score.Could U shed some light about how did U prepare and was the standard of the exam to ur expectations
etc. etc.
Thanx in anticipation
Hi deepak
This is a mammoth score.Congrats . . .
BTW, have the set of questions changed now after the beta test?
Pls mail me the resources U have

So does that imply thet what is written on page 79 of RHE
is wrong.It clearly states :
- A private method may be overridden by a private, friendly,
protected or public method.

Hello All
I am staying in Delhi and plan to take SJCP2 early next month.
But today I learnt that there is a waiting line of one month
for the voucher itself.
Is this possible that someone(my cousin) purchases the voucher for me
in the US, so that I can use it to take exam in delhi; i.e. do I have to show
the voucher physically or just give some code at the prometric center.
Please help
Hello all,
Lately, Some news is going around regarding the course change of SJCP 2.
Is it true that CORBA is being added to the syllabi. They are also taking
some beta exam in connection of this.