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Kris Danielewski

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Recent posts by Kris Danielewski

I mean let say Hello word program

is it easy to add it to the gui ?? frame
or you need to create label and panel like for eveything else?
11 years ago
Can I provide some simple GUI for menu driven program, to display as same as in command prompt but with frame background??
11 years ago
I have seen few examples online but i can;t make my own jar file...
I aslo searched forum , however found only more advanced related topics...
Could someone please write to me step by step how to do it?
My class name (contains main)
11 years ago
Really need help with it , thanks...
11 years ago

I have problem , it repeats enterMarkC for every Student in the list, check for student numbber work...
Currently I am trying to set the attribute of Student class (courseworkMark) by user input.
Looking forward for help with it.
11 years ago
I have a class Student

and another class with list.

I am trying to loop through the List to find student == my Entered student number.

How can i list through the list??
11 years ago
Hey Guys , thanks for your help
I finally made it work :]
Feel quite good as it was my first application, not completly done by myself, but thanksfully to your advices I found the answers.
I had 3 counters,
int wrong; to store bad guesses
int guessright; to store good ones
int fwronf; to so store multiplications of bad ones...

setting counters to 0; every time do..while loop starts.
11 years ago
I found resolution I transfered back the user input array into a String and compare it to the hidden word :>
Now if you press letter which hiddenword contains its still increase the counter but you will not win the game and small bit is quite important.
Counter may be greather then or equal.
11 years ago

Paul Yule wrote:
char[] input = new char[ary.length];

That was good.

Ehhh, another problem..
After entering the same letter few times you can win because it increase the counter == word.length
Should I create another char array and store there letter user entered and make it unable to enter again or easier way
I have tried to change while formula;

11 years ago
mostly done and everything seem to be ok.
Problem with initialising amount of dashes/x-es to the lenght of hiddenword.

i get arrayIndexoutOfboundsException...
11 years ago
Yea... I modified toString method on the same class , dont know why it didn;t work.
Well done!! ;] thanks
That was really great expirience I start to like this forum. People don't let you know the answers but show you ways and points of view.
Hopefully I will not stuck anywhere from now , until GUI
11 years ago

And the result I am getting is:

11 years ago

Hunter McMillen wrote: then put the correct guess in the hiddenWord at the same index.

I stuck at this bit ;p , Your example is the same way we are trying to achive. I mean , I am trying ...
11 years ago
im not there yet , because last bit doesn't replace my dashes haha, yea good idea with Set
11 years ago
It's Ok.
Any idea how to replace an index of inp[] if letter was found in ary[i], that would be happy ending.

11 years ago