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arulk pillai wrote:Firstly, before you start piling up your certifications

-- Improve your job hunting and networking skills. There are good books like "What color is your parachute?", etc.
-- Write a resume, clearly mentioning your intention of changing careers. Indicate that you will be looking for an entry level position.
-- Gain some hands-on experience in Java and some of the sought-after technologies. Even if you have to offer your services for free.
-- Don't under estimate the power of volunteer work. It will not only give you the much needed hands-on experience, but also can open doors for paid jobs by either impressing your superiors or through the fellow professionals. This could be a win/win situation for both employer and employee.
-- Work on some self-taught Java projects to gain some hands-on experience.
-- Finally, time is tough. Be positive and work at it.

thanks for that "before you start piling up your certifications" message
job hunting skills and NETWORKING sure are important!
12 years ago
i have a SCJP guide by kathy n bates for the exam java1.5
would it suffice for the 1.6 exam?