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Recent posts by kunu patel


i am facing problem when i use persistance.xml file in Jgrasp project..
it can not file specific file and give me below mention error.

guide me how jgrasp use .xml file.
i have alrady put that file in META-INF folder. but it is not working.
please any one help .this is very important for me.

give me asap reply

i am getting problem to design rounded button ...
so can you give example idea how we create rounded button.....
14 years ago
when ever i minimize then UI apper in uper part of the screen and also it display well ..
but..image is cut in third panel and text field in second panel is also re sizing ....

i can't get which lay out i use...almost i try all layout
if any other way to solve this problem then tell me....
14 years ago
i use grid layout....please suggest me that which layout is better for this type of problem.....

please give me answer as soon as possible.....
14 years ago
i want problem that i have one panel that contain another three panel.

first panel contain image in horizontal manner.
second panel contain image in back ground and also contain one button and 6 text fields.
third panel contain image in vertical manner.

now problem it that when ever i maximize the window then all image and other element view is normal.
but .....
when ever i minimize the window then my image in third panel cut ....
and my button and text field size is changed and that not display good display..view..

also image that contain in first panel also cut with resolution......

so how can i resolve this problem...

please any one as soon as possible give me idea about that problem javascript:emoticon('');
14 years ago

James Hambrick wrote:I have created a JPanel with
JPanel jp = new JPanel();

and set the layout
jp.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

This is the only code I have added so far. Is there something I'm missing???

I'm not sure how to draw on it. I have this code which draws.

can you give full code for this clear screen applet ,...so i easily understand..
15 years ago

in my application applet is use SSH/TELNET command prompt for access the remote server and connect through telnet connection.

i am pass several server parameter into this applet. it is JTA26.jar file.
which contain all facility of SSH/TELNET with applet configuration...


if you want to know for reference then go above link..and down load JTA26.jar file and run it you know all thing.. this product use the applet .

if you help about clear screen of applet then give me idea...
15 years ago

it contain AWT /swing both type of element and it develop with swing menu. now in menu i want clear screen menu...
so it repaint applet... i show you image of application

now when clear screen event occurs then this command prompt is reload ....means applet repaint..

please help me how i done this code/give me hint........
i can't give you image reference .....
15 years ago

when ever click on clear button then it clear the applet screen and reload and the command prompt session continue..

actually i m using command prompt in my applet ,,, i want all command written clear and command prompt session continue....

but when clear button click then clear screen but prompt is running../
if you help then please give me idea for implementation or how i start..
15 years ago
i want to implement clear screen button... when click on that button applet screen can clear...
in applet i use command prompt so.. when ever click event occur whole applet clear and command prompt is appear in enter key press ...

is it possible to clear the applet screen....give me example code or basic idea...;
so implement..
15 years ago
i want to implement clear screen functionality into menu item ..
when click on menu item clear screen then clear screen command is performed into command prompt and all text into command prompt is clear in prompt is display.

so, if it is possible then any one please give me help for coding ... i m in very big problem.

this command prompt is linux base or if DOS also then please help me.

so, as soon as possible help me .

15 years ago