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Recent posts by Prajkti Khadse

Hi Pratik,
I thought it was working but actually, in spite of mentioning the Audio_source as "MediaRecorder.AudioSource.VOICE_DOWNLINK" , it records the MIC data
Have you ever tried this??

13 years ago
Thank you so much Pratik... it worked
13 years ago
Hi all,
i need to record the songs being played by a FM app.
I checked the MediaRecorder.AudioSource but could not find what to use for setAudioSource

can anyone please help me?

13 years ago
Thank You So Much Monu.
It worked

Thanks a Lot...!!
14 years ago
Hello All,

In my application, i am creating Tabs Programmatically and and i want to remove them as well one by one.
I tried removeViewAt() and it works too.

But, after deleting my application gets crashed.
e.g. If i have three tabs Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3 and if i remove Tab2, it gets removed but as soon as i click either of the tabs Tab1 or Tab2, ithe application gets crashed and on Log Cat i see this Error Message :

AndroidRuntime(766): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
AndroidRuntime(766): java.lang.NullPointerException
AndroidRuntime(766): at android.widget.TabWidget.onFocusChange(
AndroidRuntime(766): at android.view.View.onFocusChanged(

AndroidRuntime(766): at android.view.ViewGroup.removeViewInternal(
AndroidRuntime(766): at android.view.ViewGroup.removeViewAt(

can anyone please please Help me?
14 years ago
Thanks William,
But using StringBuilder means i have to append each and every thing
i.e<, /, >, =, and all that.
And that i find somewhat weird...

Don't we have Something like TransformerFactory in android?

With the Document object, can't i create the XML file?
14 years ago
Hi all,
I want to create an XML file to Store my Application Settings into.
( I can't use SharedPrefs because i want that Settings file later to be accessed by Some other Code.)

I can easily create an XML with java's code and store it in File too.

but in Android
I can create xml with the same java code but can't save it into the file
coz they have removed the package javax.xml.transform from SDK.

Can anyone please help me out...
I am Attaching the Java code here...

14 years ago
Hi all,
I am using SharedPreferences to save my ApplicationSettings.
and through DDMS->FileExplorer i can see the Settings file created as
Now i want to copy this file and move it into Another location say SDCard.

Is there any way to achieve this??

Can i access that AppSettings.xml file through some System level Code written in C?

Can anyone please please help me??

14 years ago
Hello Bharath,
Try this

Hope it'll work for You
14 years ago
Hello Pratik,

I tried to send MMS programmatically.
I googled and Came across this post.

According to that, i tried

but when i run the application, it gives me an Exception as No content provider: \sdcard\potrait.PNG

If you have Solved the Problem, Please Please let me Know.

14 years ago
Hi all,
I am trying to build one Application for Client-server Communication (Between two Emulators)
Problem is that, i can Send Data From Client to server, Server Receives it too Successfully but
can't send Data From Server to Client.
Can Anybody Please Help me out

Any code snippet Please??!!
14 years ago
Thanks for your reply Pratik,

I got the Solution but one Problem....

We can use BaseAdapter (MyAdapter extends BaseAdapter)
but m not getting how to use it....???

Do you have any clue???
14 years ago
Hi all,

I have a Customised ListView which contains ImageView and TextView.
On click of TextView i want to Delete the item form ListView.
but problem is that, i need to Double Click the TextView.
First Click to Select item in the List and Second click is the actual click on the TextView.
It looks very weired to Click Twice.
Can anybody please help me to Achieve Single Click effect...??!!!
14 years ago
i'l try it..
15 years ago
Thanks Pratik,
one more question...

can we change title (i.e indicator) of tab on particular event??
i mean once the tab is added to TabHost, is it possible to modify it??
15 years ago