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Albareto McKenzie

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Recent posts by Albareto McKenzie

Mario Casciaro wrote:Hi Albareto,

in my opinion, one of the features that make Node.js enjoyable to use is that dependencies are explicit. In Java is very common to use a dependency injection container, which adds a level of indirection, which somewhat complicates the readability of the code. In Node.js, if you want to import a singleton, you can just export an instance from a module (e.g. module.export = new MyClass()) and import the singleton with a simple call to require() or import. It's that simple.
To me, a "clean" architecture in Node.js, means creating modules that do only one thing and well (cohesion) and that expose a minimal interface (information hiding). Organizing those modules in a coherent directory structure is also important.

To be honest, in my early days of Node.js, I too struggled to apply the knowledge I had acquired from using Java and other strongly typed languages. In fact, one of my early Node.js projects was a dependency injection container. With time I learned to let go of my old mindset and accepted the fact that in Node.js certain things are just basic simple and in my opinion, that's  amazing.

PS: This is such a common question that in the book we have dedicated section called "Wiring modules" where we talk exactly about that.

Yes, I think the key is to let it go from other programming paradigms. I think (this is a personal self-assessment) that we tend also to overengineer solutions lots of times.

Thanks a lot Mario
BTW I have won a copy and I will read it very carefully when I receive it. Thanks again.
Hi there,

One thing I always struggle with when I am coding node solutions is how to make a clean architecture separating things like domains, infrastructure, etc... I struggle on injecting dependencies (specially on the domain layer) and at the end I just end up importing them directly from other folder. I am thinking on dependencies such as the logger, event managers, etc...
I come from Java world where I find it much more intuitive and have serious problems when trying to replicate it in Node.

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the ranch

I have recently started a small project with electron and it looks a really cool piece of technology.
At this moment I started simple and I am using Vanilla JS for the front part but I would like to introduce a framework such as vue or react or something (not clear yet). Does your book cover how to integrate third parties into the application? I mean, to have a production ready build using webpack, rollup or other technology.


Zach Rode wrote:Not a JS person, but I'm pretty sure nodeJS is only executed server-side.


Mostly true, but you can create client side applications also using electronjs.
Well, since ES6 it is becoming more and more popular ;)
Hi J.D. Isaacks and welcome to the ranch,

What's the target audience of this book? Is it for expert JavaScript developers or can be understood by newbies also?

Thanks for the reply, I didnt know about that and sounds very interesting. I am not new to java and work regularly with javascript so I am used to functional programming.

Hi there,

Apparently reactive programming is like the next "big thing", I just started an angular training recently and the teacher talked about it and we are going to start using it a bit so all my knowdledge about it is limited to a couple of articles on the web.
Is the book meant for "greenhorns" like me? And do you use any library such as Rx or others to explain the different patterns?

Thanks and cheers
Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the reply and the careful explanation.

Hi Pierre and welcome to the Ranch,

As the title states, my question is who is the target audience of your book. I mean, does it start from the basics? I have Java knowledge, I have been working with it for years but I haven't touch anything about lambdas and functional programming. Will it suit me?

First of all welcome to the Ranch

My question is, is the book oriented to UI testing or is it API focused? Do you sepcifically explain something about certain frameworks/libraries (if yes, which ones?)

7 years ago
Sagar got it right, first thing is to add the event to the icons, then you would have to open a window, I don't know if that Kinetic library has that, otherwise you will have to create it yourself using other tools like jQuery UI

About the drag and drop you will have to look into the Kinectic library, it seems to have some DD implementation but you will have to read the docs to check how to do it
With the provided code I don't get any error, I do get what you said in IE, that the file cannot be downloaded.