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Recent posts by Manju Krishna

I am trying to call a stored proc having table type IN and OUT parameter using jdbc.

When I tried as a standalone program I am not having any issues. Once I deployed the code in Tomcat, the below esxception is thrown

java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy0 cannot be cast to oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection
at oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor(
at oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor(

on executing this line of code,

Upon analysis I found that the connection object I get here is of type,oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection. But as per the code it expects a oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection.
I tried adding the ojdbc6.jar in tomcat/lib/common folder as suggested in few forums but did not help.

Please suggest a feasible solution.
Posting the solution
Java Code,

SQL Table Types -

SQL Procedure,

I changed the type Name used in below line ,

to upper case and it worked. I have the complete code which takes both IN and OUT param as a table type.

Can someone let me know on where I can post this code so that others can benefit from the same.

Per my last comment, the typeName variable is not used in my java class.

Re-posting all the java and SQL code

The type created as

Stored Procedure ,

Let me know od any further details
I posted a different class's exception wrongly,

the exception is java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: PRANAKA.pre_hook_out_paramList

and these two lines part of earlier code is not there,

Actual Class
I am trying to call a stored procedure from java using JDBC. The stored procedure is having table type out parameter.

The Stored procedure is,

and created the type like,

When I run my jave class I get an SQLException,
java.sql.SQLException: invalid name pattern: pranaka.pre_hook_out_list

I tried going through existing forums, but did not get an answer to my current problem. Please help
I need to format the given date in "yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss" format for any locale and the given date is in "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" this format.

The output of the code for en_US and es_MX(spanish) are fine and are respectively the following
en_US -- > 2011-Aug-04 11:30:00
es_MX -- > 2011-ago-04 11:30:00

But for ja_JP -- > 2011-8-04 11:30:00 (The months MMM is returned as single digit M).
Should we have any special handling for japanese (ja_JP) ?
Please help ..

13 years ago
I read through the article now. Jconsole has tabs to display Mbean data and there are other tabs to view VM statistics. Like threads used, CPU usage, classes loaded etc.. How can I get those information ?
The MC4J client just reads the Mbean properties and gives that, which is again a third party tool.
I wanted to know if I can leverage the JMX output to my simple Java application to display JVM details. Hope I conveyed it right
Please help.

13 years ago
I also wanted to know if there is a way to obtain the runtime JVM details of an application without using jConsole.
In my tool I do not want another UI like Jconsole to display data. I need those data and I would format a report as I need
13 years ago
I am developing a monitoring tool for our webhosted application. I have a skeleton structure of the application and one service to monitor HTTP status is implemented. I need to know about integrating JMX with my application.

Googling only gave results to integrate with jconsole. I need to know if we can represent the JMX data in our own application. Also can any one provide with any examples to obtain data.

I am having problems is starting up with this. Please help. Also didn’t find corrrect forum to post this. so posted in this java general forum.
13 years ago
Thanks for all your replies!
13 years ago
I have generated a jks file and using that for encrypt and decrypt.!
Moreover I am also using a third party helper called bouncycastle

So when i have encrypted with those keytool and password I try to decrypt using the same !
13 years ago
Hello All,

Is there any way to find if the particular file instance is encrypted or not.
One solution what I had was to decrypt and check if the exception is thrown else continue. But it would be an overhead for users not using encryption.

Please help on alternatives . Thanks !
13 years ago
Thanks Rene, this works..

Though it process the lines no of times the desired output is obtained. I can minimise the call to this function to handle data with this special processing.

Thanks a lot for each of your inputs.

13 years ago
That solves the (,) problem. But how about this string ?
eSOMS 'warning' line 2.

I was also got with this vicious circle..

13 years ago