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Go thru Martin Fowlers book. That is enough.
If you are interested you can see the review of whizlab product below
Thanks Debanjana
19 years ago
Hi Alex,
Keep me in the loop. I also want to do it as early as possible.
Bill, Who is author of the first book you are talking? I have read the book written by CT Arrington.
To be honest I took part 1 exam as an oppurtunity
to read books about b2b integration, art of middle ware and couple of more books. More than my score I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge out of this. I don't think you need a lot of experience as a J2ee developer for this exam though I have 3.5 yrs of experience as a J2ee server side developer. But development experience will be always handy in real life as a technical architect is considered as a MVP in the Industry. Why I am saying this the way I looked at things as an developer has changed totally from the perspective of an Architect. I read the following books
Ejb 1.1 specification from Sun(It is crystal and clear like Bhagavad Gita ,you don't need any other book)
UML distilled by Martin Fowler(I took this
exam as a chance to get to know all the symbols though exam questions are really easy)
Mark cade on SCEA( This book is enough for protocols, security, Internationalization, Design pattern. Common Architecture is also good in this book but you need some more materials)
Mastering Ejb by ED Roman(free download from THough I didn't use this book for sufficient I used this book for several topics like JMS tutorial, Design strategies, and tutorials on several topics are available on the Appendix
Whizlabs Mocks and mock exams that are free and several articles that are available on the web. I have made good use of my Cable Modem Connection very well.
A small suggestion is that don't just prepare from the exam point of view only, take this oppurtunity to expand your knowledge.
Good Luck
19 years ago
I passed part 1 with 93%. 3 questions short of a Centum. Victims were in security,legacy connectivity and Applicability of j2ee.
Anyway one tension is over
Thanks for all your help, explicitly for those people who answered my qns, some of them took some time to send me email. Thanks for all of you.
19 years ago
If Class A has an aggregation relation with Class B where would the diamond will point to?ie whether the diamond will point towards A or B.
I just want to confirm that ejb2.0 qns will be in the july version of scea. Did anybody got ejb2.0 qns.
Any ejb2.0 related questions?