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Recent posts by hagee doou

I failed Part2 assignment.

The points lose in Classes Diagram. got 19 points.

What should Classes Diagram include? My Class Diagram is similar with Domain Model.

I submit part2 and writen part3 at July 2th

How long will i get the result?

I check certmanager.net. It only shows part1 scores. no information of part 2 and 3.
The assignment says:
The component diagram should includes EJB,servlets,JSP,POPO.

But if i put above things in component diagram, it seems over detail.

There are about 40 components in my diagram. it is fine?
I draw JMS and MDB in component diagrams.

Is JMS depends on MDB or MDB depends on JMS?

In high logic view, it should be MDB depends on JMS.
but,in implement, shoud be JMS depends on MDB. JMS call MDB method.

Another Question:
I send a message to a MDB. the MDB will process the message.
Should I:
Create a seperate component for JMS<<infrastructure>> and the MDB depends on it.
OR just add a Interface to MDB called JMS interface?
which one is correct or better?
DAO layer is necessary between Session Bean and POJO?
I think the JPA or EntityManager is simple enough to process POJO.

Or, there are some benefits from using DAOs?
I am working on Part2.
That require to lest top three technical risk.
What does technical risk means?

Some one give me some examples?
What's the relationship of MessageBean?
Sending a message from a SessionBea,
And there is a MessageBean to process the message.

Is there a relationship between them?

How about in Component Diagram and Class Diagram?
Why you guys think so much about the relationship between Request and BrakePads/Suspension/BrakeDiscs.
This just a domain Diagram. not a class diagram.
You needn't create a class for each domain model.

You can use other things to implement the biz requirement. not only use class.

It is to solve the biz requirement, noboby ask you to must use class to desc anything.