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Hi John,

Comments like what?
What you want to know?

1. Is Groovy the same performance wise (speed of execution) as Java?
2. If features such as Closures are going to be added to Java 7 as pointed here, wouldn't it make Groovy's syntactic ease redundant?
3. I really do want to learn Groovy since it looks like a fun & easy language to use syntactically, however, which IDE would you use for Groovy development? I currently use Netbeans but Groovy support there was flaky at first. Now, the IDE does things which are inexplicable sometimes (such as throwing errors at will in Groovy code or not recognizing variables and then everything turning to normal after an IDE restart).

Personally, I am considering a choice of learning between Groovy & Scala.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
9 years ago
Hi Chaitanya,

but then it is prompting catalina home is not recognized,the environment variables nee dto be set to run this

Just to test the setup, please try setting up the catalina_home variable under System Variables in the environment variables of your windows operating system. The value of this Variable would be the directory where you installed tomcat. In my case, I've installed tomcat under G:\server\Tomcat6020. So my CATALINA_HOME=G:\server\Tomcat6020

how can the system takes the port number and runs on localhost without using manual installation

It is possible to run a program on an operating system without actual installation. Tomcat does just that. The port numbers are picked up from the configuration files and if you were to modify these files, you can pretty much tweak how your instance of Tomcat would work including the port number on which it would be listening.

My suggestion to you is that you go ahead with the zip file for Tomcat rather than the exe installation. There was an issue with the exe installation some time back and don't know if this got corrected. You can read the details here.
With the zip method of installation, I think you are on the right track. Just need to make sure your CATALINA_HOME is pointing to the right folder.
Hope this helps...
9 years ago
Hi Justa Guy,
You mentioned that you downloaded the "windows service installer" from Tomcat download website. Based on the URL you provided I am assuming you downloaded the 6.0.20 or some 6.0.XX version of Tomcat which is available at this point of time. Looks like Tomcat 6.0.20 bin folder (in the windows service installer method) ships only with 4 files viz. bootstrap.jar, tomcat6.exe (this I believe is the procrun), tomcat6w.exe, tomcat-juli.jar. So, the error about dll files might be misleading (especially since there aren't supposed to be any dll files in the bin folder).
I would suggest that you download the zip version rather than the windows service installer of Tomcat 6.0.20 version (this would be just a test). Extract the folder and you will find that this version of tomcat has many more files in it's bin folder. Of interest to us would be the startup.bat. Run this file since it launches tomcat in the command prompt. If you are able to launch Tomcat this way successfully, it would imply that it could be an issue with how the tomcat launch service accesses your windows resources, to be more precise, how much of an access does your login have on that machine.
If Tomcat still fails to launch, we would have to wait for some more replies
Hope this helps.
9 years ago
Maybe it is just me, but could it be an issue exclusively with tomcat 6.0.18. I deployed tomcat 6.0.18 on my laptop & I had to resolve this little issue with the startup using the dll file. However, on my office installation of tomcat 6.0.14 it was smooth flowing. No issues there.
Anyone else who faced this on a particular instance of tomcat?...
9 years ago
I had a similar problem on a new Windows XP machine. The issue got fixed after the copy-paste of msvcr71.dll in the tomcat installation's bin folder.
I never expected that a post from 2007-2008 would help me resolve this issue. But well, as long as it works...
9 years ago