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Web Services is useful in integration of any application. By using web services, application can publish it functionality to rest of the world.
An application can be integrate with other application with using this application exposed web service methods, without knowing designing and implementation of
this application

For more you can Google this.
9 years ago
** WSDL full form ia Web Services Description Language. This is XML based language to describe the web services and how to access them.

** A WSDL file contains a description of everything involved in calling a SOAP web service:

The service URL and namespace
The type of web service (probably function calls using SOAP, although as I mentioned, WSDL is flexible enough to describe a wide variety of web services)
The list of available functions
The arguments for each function
The datatype of each argument
The return values of each function, and the datatype of each return value

** Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) is a directory service where businesses can register and search for Web services.

** UDDI uses WSDL to describe interfaces to web services

You can use Mikalai Zaikin MZ's study notes for further reading.
9 years ago

Go to JDK bin folder and launch jconsole.exe from there. You can associate your java application with jconsole and
analyse the current threads for connection uses. May be a problem of forgetting close connection in application code.
You can use checkstyle plugin in eclipse for checking code for this.

You can use GSON library. This is pretty good for formatting.
9 years ago
Do the steps below

1. Right click on your project and choose properties
2. Click on Java Build Path.
3. Click on Libraries.
4. Select JRE system Library and click on edit.
5. In Edit library pop up select java 1.7 from drop down and click on Finish.
6. If Java 1.7 is not in drop down list then click on Installed JREs.
7. Click on Add button and add java 1.7 reffering to the java 1.7 installed path.
You can download latest Jboss application server from below link


For running it, exttract zip file and launch with script file existing in bin folder.
9 years ago
Program output is as below with Java 5 and Java 6.

m in try block
array index out of bounds
i am always executed
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException
at Dump39.go(Dump39.java:21)
at Dump39.main(Dump39.java:8)
A CD that comes with book has all exercises, you can print those exercises.
10 years ago
Please look a at very good article on java class loader.

12 years ago
Congrats and thanks for useful information.
12 years ago
Yes, Galilio is latest version but i feel Europa has better performance in comparison of Galilio.
Choice is yours.
Yes in Drag & Drop questions there is a problem. But i think, it was mentioned in exam instructions and Kathy Sierra also mentioned this problem in SCJP book.
Congrats for your result.
Congrats for great score!
Have you read only spec?
12 years ago