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Recent posts by Sam Foletta

You're absolutely right. Just added a "toString()" and it worked like a charm.

Final code looked something like this:

and later...

I ran into the same problem with AudioClips, actually, and since they only accept URLs and not InputStreams I assume this fix won't work and I'll have to use Clips and AudioSystem.

Anyways... thanks for the help!
11 years ago
Yes, is the same server, the midi is in a subdirectory of the applet's directory.

I tried calling getSequence with InputStream, URL, and File inputs with the same results, even tried skipping the sequence altogether and calling setSequence with an InputStream, no luck. I placed the call in a PrivilegedAction and signed the script just to try everything. Always an access denied error.

Picking through the console at a higher trace level, I noticed that other resources were being redirected to "stopit.php". When I opened it up in Firefox, it brought up a page that states direct/hot linking is not allowed. It looks like the host server is blocking the applet's connection to these files thinking that they're being linked to by a foreign web site. Yet image files still get through somehow. Hmm...

Any way to get around that?
11 years ago
So, I tried that, getCodeBase() threw a NullPointerException so I moved that line from the constructor to init(), but now I get this:

I tried signing the applet, no luck there. Do I need to use privileges? This seems so excessively problematic for loading a midi.

11 years ago
Hi! First time caller, long time listener.

I'm getting an access denied error trying to load a midi file on the server, in a subdirectory of the applet's folder. As in, the applet root/ffp.class, on webpage root/ffp.htm, is trying to access root/mid/wm0.mid, and is denied access.

It works fine when I run the applet on my hard disk, but run from the server it throws an AccessControlException (access denied). This is odd, because I can put the same midi file into an AudioClip and run it with no problem. However, I don't have much control over playback with AudioClip and prefer to use a midi sequencer. I'm trying to load the midi file as a FileInputStream which, again, works fine when I run it on my hard disk, but doesn't work once I upload it onto the server.

Shouldn't the applet already have access to files in subdirectories without modifying permissions? Especially if the applet can already access the same files as a different data type? I feel like I'm missing something here.

The code is basically the following:

The line that calls MidiSystem.getSequence throws the following error:

Would very much appreciate any help.
11 years ago