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Thanks ujjwal for your quick response!!

but when the function showwindow() and closewindow() be called

and also,
i want the button in the iframe to be enabled on a click of a button in parent frame..

thank you very much.

rammie singh wrote:i have certaing heading in a table and above that table there is link .

My Requirement is : if a click on the link a new row should be craeted automatically with all the input box and other options in the row.

and if the particular row is checked ,the row is deleted.

can any body plase help me how to implement this....or any mataerial where i can get some help.


to delete rows
the script is as:

function deleteRows(rowObjArray)
if (hasLoaded) {
for (var i=0; i<rowObjArray.length; i++) {
var rIndex = rowObjArray[i].sectionRowIndex;

call in html page

<input type="button" value="Delete [D]" onclick="deleteChecked();" />
hello folks,

i have two frames in my html page (main.html), as 1.jsp and 2.jsp. the form in 2.jsp is disable by default and i want to enable it when i click a submit button in 1.jsp, both loaded on main.html.

please help me... its very urgent

thank you in advance