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Recent posts by sahar eb

p.s. although I have e.printstacktrace it does not throw any error just stuck in pstmt.execute().
thanks, now I have this that works fine in oracle command window:

but when I put in java class , it works for insert but it does not work in case it is an update, it just freezes, until I delete the row from DB then it inserts it. So no update!!!
here is the java code:

do you know what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you so much!!!
Thank you, yes, now I am using oracle sql developer comand window to test this:

throws me this error:

here is crete table:

I spent almost 3 days, no progress, please if any idea.. how can I solve this ?

Thank you sooo much!
Dear Chris,
I have used only ? instead of vale(?), no result, same error. yes, but this utility is actually a Backyp process and this snippet is for to restore section, ex.: in case that a row with a particular primary key has had some unwanted changed, or wrong ones, or have been deleted by mistake, we want to update If it exists. it will be updated to the last version of the backup or will be inserted.

I have a project running perfectly in netbeans, windows 8, I build the jar file project-> build with dependencies. when I try to run it from command promp with this command:

it throws this error:

I have searched alot, I have made some changes, but still it doesnt work!!!

more details:
path: %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin

when I open the .jar file:
1) I can see DB.class in com/mycompany/datalayer/DB

2)Manifest file exist and this is the conten:
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Archiver-Version: Plexus Archiver
Created-By: Apache Maven
Built-By: Moises David
Build-Jdk: 1.7.0_17
Main-Class: com.mycompany.oraclebackup.App

should I mention my .jar dependencies in here too?

Can someone tell me what is the problem and how can I solve it?

Thank you so much!!!
11 years ago
I have this query:

which throws this exceprion:

and here is my table:

can you tell me what is wrong I try to run it in MYSQL gives me the same error. do you know what part of my query is wrong? how can I solve this?

Thank you
I am using joda 2.2. I have this String as input "16-Mar-05" and I want to convert it to a joda localDate variable in the format of "16-Mar-05". How can I do that?
please note that I don't want it printed, I need it in a variable.
here is my method and options I have tried, but they return me this: 2005-03-16 instead of this: "16-Mar-05".

Thank you so much!
11 years ago
I am working on a project that collects alot of data from web(saved in .80 files). So, I have any possible form of data in these pages: HTML, XML, HTML inside XML, CSS. and also pages like this one:

I need to remove ALL the tags(ANYkind) from the content of these pages ang get pure texts.

is there any parser that can do this for me? or any other way to remove these tags?

Thank you so much!
11 years ago
Hi Paul,
Thank you soo much for replying, yes, I found Sax doesnt recognize that letter you mentioned and also "&#", special characters at all. So I got every thing between the tags using regex.

anyway thanks again

I have a String as follow:

I want to return the content that is in between <documentFullPageContent> tags, which is HTML!!
here is my code:

and here is the error I get:

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? and how can I solve it?

Thank you!!

p.s. I just found that builder contains Only a part of html not All of it. although I a using builder.append!!
I am new in JS. I have this search box with auto-complete. getting the data for auto-complete takes longer than the JS code so I have to use callback. I dont know what am I doing wrong but while debugging it just jumps over the auto complete and I dont see any suggestion list. although when I check in start2 function, part callback(d) variable d is filled perfectly. every thing is fine until I call autocomplete. in line $("#searchtxt").autocomplete({//here it doesnt go here and just jumps to the next });. I guess I am doing something wrong there but I dont know what?

and this is start2:

Thank you so much!
well they say Reverb is built on the top of OPEN NLP; this snippet is copied from Reverb website:
"ReVerb uses the following code and data, which are included in the release:
OpenNLP, including trained models
Apache Commons
A subset of pages from Wikipedia"
So there, it even uses the models from OPENNLP(which take alot of time to load), but it is still faster than OPENNLP. back to my question, I know one way to increase the execution time is to convert the data into binary, and then run the process on binary data. But any other Idea other than this?

beside that I need it, I am really curious to know more about this.

11 years ago
can somebody tell me why the ready tools are so fast? how they make their code so fast?
ok, let me explain more: I am trying to do some natural language processing on webpage texts. I am using OPEN NLP tool as base, and I add some small functions to it in order to improve. There is also some tools that do that, like Reverb, which is also built on the top of OPEN NLP. now, the interesting thing is that when I run my program; or only the basic part which is pure OPEN NLP, it takes longer than Reverb!!! Although Reverb is built on the top of OPEN NLP. So I am guessing they are doing something in Reverb to make every thing faster. I want to know what are those tricks? how can I make my code as fast as them?

11 years ago
Hi thanks for the replies.
yes, my bad, I didn't need something to catch all kind of time expressions. I needed something to catch only these patterns: 2:30 or 2,30 or 2-5 or 12 AM or 3:40 PM,... if there is no other thing in the text except them.
I went through the tutorial and I come up with this:
boolean isDayTime = text.trim().matches("^(\\d)+((:|,|-)(\\d)*){1,2}(\\s)*((?i)(AM|PM))?$");
I can't find my own problems and I can't risk passing this to the program again. can you tell me if it has any problem?

and the other thing that I don't understand is that this match function is suppose to give me back true or false. even if they are not the right feed backs for my patterns, but I don't understand why my program chokes?

thank you so much!
11 years ago
I have this string: 5,675,510, 5,796,952, 6,115,680, 6,108,637, 6,138,155, 6,643,696, and 6,763,386
and It stuck in this method:

what I was trying to do with the regex was to capture any string which is a mixture of time expression (those like 1 am or 2:30 and ..) and mixtures of numbers with symbols. it perfectly matches every thing that I want but ...
the problem is, when I give the this string:"5,675,510, 5,796,952, 6,115,680, 6,108,637, 6,138,155, 6,643,696, and 6,763,386" as text to this method my whole program goes on halt!!
why? is there any problem in my regex?

thank you so much!
11 years ago