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Recent posts by Sanket L Shah

hello everyone,

I am new to IBATIS. In one requirement I need to query to two different databases that are on different machines.

My Query is:

If both the databases are on same machine the above code works fine but what if both the databases are on different-different machine?
How can I query both the databases when they are on different machines? Is it possible in IBATIS or in MYSQL?

Thanking You!
Please help!
Hello everyone!
I am developing one application for that i need to transfer a file.
Right now I am using FTP. But now I supposed to do it using Tectia SSH.
I really dont have any idea about Tectia SSH!!!

I have created one Scheduler. It runs every night at 11 pm and get all the data from create one file. Then It transfers this file to another server.
Before It was transfered by FTPClient API. Now I want to do it using SSH.

Please help me!

thank you!
13 years ago

Hi All,
I am developing one Quiz application using Struts 2 and hibernate, I am facing some problem with radio button. Please help me out!!!

My Classes are

I am having Question's object on my JSP.
Question :
id : 1
question : Is Java an Object Oriented Language?
List<Answer> : {Answer 1, Answer 2}

Answer 1:
id : 1
answer : Yes

Answer 2:
id : 2
answer : No

When I write code like

then it displays all the radio button in one row and also do not displays the answerStr from the class Answer. Instead of answerStr it displays string written by toString() method.

When I write

Then it displays Radio button with proper label which is Yes. but what about the other values in answersList?

I want like
1. Is Java an Object Oriented Language?
(Radio1) Yes
(Radio2) No

but it gives me like
2. Is Java an Object Oriented Language?
(Radio1) com.quize.beans.domain.Answer@177060f (Radio2) com.quize.beans.domain.Answer@1DR0D0f


13 years ago

Hi All,

I am developing one Quiz application using struts2 and hibernate.

I want to print the answerStr from the class Answer in Radio button.
But the radio button should come in diff. rows in a html table using struts tag..

Please help me out!
Thanks you
13 years ago

chets patel wrote:
Using response.sendRedirect() you can send the request to any web site out of your web application. But this should be done from your servlet or action class.
If you want to use java script, use

Hi Chats,
I think you have misunderstood the question.
I want the result of google serarch on my Website.
Using window.location it will jump to that location. I mean it will go to given URL.
Same with response.sendRedirect() , It will also redirect to some other page.


Hi All,
In my website I want to put one simple TextBox, whatever the key word entered by the user, will be searched in Google and the results will be shown on my Website.

Please help me out!

Karthik Shiraly wrote:Hi,
plugin really has no way of deciding column mappings. If your ID field is userID and column name is EMPLOYEE_ID, it can't really put in that mapping - you need to do that manually.

Hi Karthik,
Thanks for your reply,You are right It does not generate column's mapping in generated hbm.xml file. Do you know any external tool for generating hbm.xml files form POJO?

Thanks for your reply!
Hi all,
I want to migrate my application from JDBC to Hibernate. I have lots of POJO classes for that I have to create hbm.xml files. I want to know, Is there any way to generate hbm.xml and database table form POJO!?

For example.
I am having Student Pojo with setter and getter methods.

Is there any feature or plugin in Eclips to generate Student.hbm.xml and StudentTable (In Database) form [b]Student POJO/b]!?

Please help me!

Hi Paul,
Yes, I have read again your previous post, and I have come to know that it is very defficult create table dynamically.
But if I wirte native SQL code then if in future If client want to change the DB form MySQL to some other Database then it will create problems. Thanks for all your replies.

Hi Paul,

I want to create new Table with the name student and it will have two columns named column 1 and column 2. It will be a new physical table in the database.

Thanking you!

Hi Paul,

I think you understood it in the wrong way! What I mean is, when i create a table object with the name student, it should create new Database Table with the name Student and the Database Columns as defined in the columns List.

Thanks Paul!

Paul Sturrock wrote:What ORM tool (if any) are you using?

Thanks Paul, I am using Hibernate.
I am using MySQL.
Hello All,

In my application i need to create Table Dynamically. I mean user will create new table from user interface.

I am having two classes named : Table and Column

I have created the proper mapping file for both and tested. And it works fine.

Now suppose, my Table class is having 2 columns object in columns (List<Column>). And each column is having Table object.

I'm using MySQL.

How can i solve the above problem?

Please help me out!!!

Thank you so much Ireneusz Kordal !!!

Hello all,

I am developing one application using Threads..
I haven't worked in Thread before...

If event A is occur, then after every 5 minutes I want to send one SMS.
but if event B is occur after some time then SMS should not be sent...

I want only one thread for sending SMS... means if event A has occurred and if again A event occur then no other thread should start for sending SMS.. only the old one should
keep running...

Hope you people have got my question...

Thanks a lot...