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we can write a BMP extend a CMP
I heared there vendor toolkits like Nokia Toolkit etc. Is J2ME provide any Browser for testing any mobile device during developemnt.
20 years ago
The best thing to understand about MVC design is Struts library from apache. Download the source code and guide from it. UMLCafe on Rational used to be have good discussion about UML aspects. But now I don't whether it is still there.
The best EJB book I suggest is 'EJB specification' on SUN site. It is not difficult, it is huge document which clearly specifies the specs. Print it and read chapter by chapter. Sooner or later you would realize that is the best book. O'rielly's is just a copy of the specification in book form. I suggest Ed Roman's book as an introductory book to start with and don't want to put much effort on EJB spec.
ASP running on IIS gives the .doc data to the servlet. In the servlet, am reading using BufferedInputStream and then writing into Servlet outputStream. Iam able to save the document on the web but the file could not be opened with MS WORD. Looks like MS WORD is not binary data but some kind of microsoft proprietary data some OLE related. Any insights in to why i could not have proper data written using java ?
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20 years ago
XMLSpy has FO compatible Editor. It is not free but you organisation might be using somewhere. I am not aware of any free editors. but if the files are simple create html convert to fo using stylesheet available on ibm site and go from there.
20 years ago
I worked on this problem earlier.
The solutions could be:-
1. Pdf templates. If we have pdf templates and wants to do just like mail merge use FDF toolkit from Adobe.
2. If we want to convert data to different file formats we can use XSL:FO
3. We can Programmatically build pdf files using iText.
4. We can design templates using designing tools like Actuate and convert to pdf after merging data.
5. We can design a template using FO compatible tools like XSLfast and then use XSL:FO to convert to different file formats.
I want to know if anybody tried converting HTML templates to pdf using XSL:FO. I found a stylesheet on IBM site but that is expexting HTML to be as per XML format. But I would like to create HTML in Word 2000 to convert to pdf. I tried WORDTOHTML (sourceforge project) but that is failing for complicated WORD files. Has anybody have solution. could you please let me know.
20 years ago
I guess you could contact ...
Laura Adams
PartnerWorld Skills Enablement
Professional Certification Pgm from IBM
Phone (512) 838-9375 Internet:
You could fax all the exam reports to 512 838 7961 follow up with an email to
[deleted by moderator] I have a lot of chinese friends as collegues and we all mix very freely. [deleted by moderator] We just cannot compare people in two countries. We can only compare two people. [deleted by moderator]
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20 years ago
The remote interface RemoteRMI should have a method which returns 'a' and implement in class AB.
The class A should implement Serializable.
When you call the get method for 'a' from client code, a copy of 'a'(by value) will be returned to client.
Hope that clarifies your question.
20 years ago
What if we want to be expert in one area and wants to have knowledge of many areas ?
When we looking for solutions for different problems or troubleshooting a problem, I guess having knowledge about different areas helps to quickly identity, refer and solve the problem. I disagree with maintaining the knowledge that we have. I suggest we better not maintain the knowledge and let it be in the background thread. I agree it would be difficult to answer questions in the job interviews. But i guess the job interviews should mainly take into consideration on the job experience. They may be some wild questions on the knowledge side but I don't think it would be considered for decision making.
I feel that one should not try to maintain the knowledge that one acquired by learning. We should allow it to forget. Instead try learning something else if we have time. Over a period of time we will grow to be a better overall guy or a generalist.
At the same time we should not forget to keep the expertise in one area so as to clinch jobs. on the job, whenever possible try to convert the background knowledge to foreground experience by applying in solving the problems that we face on the job.
Also, I wanted to mention one mis-conception about product exams. I guess many product exams have atleast 50-70% practical questions which involve conceptual knowledge and high level of analytical ability. Atleast I could say the IBM Websphere exam (158) have lot of analytical questions and the jCert Enterprise Developer cert is better than Sun's Enterprise Architect for experienced people. For beginners in J2EE, SCEA is better, since it has assignment associated with it.
Overall my observation is IBM exams are more practical and analytical than SUN's exams.
I agree with your points based on appearing for interviews. But, I guess we can handle it by not mentioning the certifications on the resume till we get the on the job experience.For guys who have 1-3 experience it is better not to have too many certiicates on the resume.
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All the Best Billy. God is with you.
Here is my purely personal opinion.
1. Certificates add the same value what our educational qualifications do.
2. Certifcates is one way we can drive ourselves through the learning curves (while working on something) slowly and steadily.
3. We always wants to expand the problem space at which we could think about and find solutions at that problem space. For that we need to expand the technical know how. For example, currently we might be working on a enterprise application which utilizes J2EE architecure. Once knowing how to build J2EE applications, once naturally wants to know how to build portal. For that we cannot wait for another project. For that we need to think from a different perspective, where some learning curve is involved. Then why not take the road map of IBM for thier portal cert and follow through.
Ok, once we know how think about building portals, if we get a portal project we can put things in practice. What if we don't get another portal project but just another J2EE project. We just cannot wait for the oppurtunity come to us right.
The constant search to expand the problem space at which we think continues. Then we might be interested in knowing about how routers work and whole gamit of cabling to building a power house to deliver internet application. Then we might look at cisco's CCNA road map and that goes on like that.
4.So, there is no limit to number of certificates we could possibly can have on our resume. What matters is what and how we are learning during our process and is there any value addition by having a certificate. For example having two certifcates one for version1 and version2 won't add any value but infact looks redundant.
5. So, slection of certificates should clearly show whether we are trying to improve the probelm space at which we think or just adding certificates and I feel that matters.
6.We can always remove certificates from the resume once we reached certian expertise in deliveriing solutions to different problems.

That what my thinking goes ... you are free to disgaree and provide your thoughts ...
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Hi Syed,
Look good to see your profile at an young age. I am also very much worried whether you are doing the things you are supposed to do at 17. I don't know your position ... whether you are working. My sincere advice don't wrok for showing some things to others and get deiverted. Do what is good for you. I suggest you take some good advice from elders who know you better.
Just my concern, Please don't take it otherwise