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Recent posts by Harsha Jay

I have some files in the data folder and I have a WS which is supposed to read this file and return binary response. Is it a good idea to use FileInputStream and read off the bytes and send back a SOAP response. I have got a early version working this way.

But was wondering if the proper way/design is to use getResourceAsStream using one of the ClassLoaders and I am concerned about multiple reads issues as well.

Appreciate your inputs or any other ideas!

11 years ago
If the JMS listener is set to AUTO_ACK mode and if there is an unchecked exception, would there be an automatic retry immediately ? I would like the message to remain in the queue until it is successfully processed. I am also looking into setting the retry w/ delay option and I think the JMS writes to DLQ after some retries. Can I call a separate handler when the retries are exhausted ?


12 years ago

Is about Seven common body language mistakes (they say)

14 years ago
I have the following canon cameras
Powershot g3 - The BEST
Powershot s2 - So so, I have kept it. Love the fireworks mode
SD1100 IS - Do not waste time+money on this one. (returned)
Powershot G9 - Still not as good as G3 (Canon offered as replacement to G3 which broke after 6 yrs)

Still waiting for the gooder one

I am sure Nikon and Sony have other cutting edge models.
15 years ago

I really appreciate your response. I just saw it.

I dug thro documentation and I was glad to get it up and working..I am going through the deployment now.

15 years ago
I am trying to accomplish implmenting security and facing tons of issues.

has anyone have an example of using the DatabaseServerLoginModule to implment the role based security?

15 years ago
Thank you very much
but is there a method i can call in the program to get the internal representation of the int. I'm sure i saw it somewhere.
This will give a 3 as result.
-31 will be 30 when inverted and sign taken off and now moved right 30 times.
I do not understand how we still end up as 30
Could some one come up with a step by step explanation.
Would appreciate it greatly