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Jaime Freire

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Recent posts by Jaime Freire

I am finishing part 2 of OCM and I would like a certified architect to take a look and advice. I got the Wireless Phone Company assignment.

It will be a paid job of course, please let me know your offers.



Kingsley Udeh wrote:@ Jaime Freire,

Is the Sun Java Certified EJB Beta Exam structured in multi-choice format? Can one reschedule the beta exam for a later time?


Hi: sorry for the delay. The kind of questions is the same as the other exams. "single-choice, multi-choice... the usual.

It's taken in independent phases to which you cannot return later after having completed them. That is to say... topic: "MDBs", with 15 questions, for example. Done, reviewed and sent; then to the next stack of questions... same with other topics.

Yes; you can reschedule the exam once scheduled to a later date; just what I did. This works as a normal prometric exam".

Kind regards.
Hi All!!

Well, this is my experience; I took this exam yesterday; 185 questions and 5 hours of which I used everything but 10 minutes. I'm getting the results in 6-8 weeks. The test was similar to SCBCD 5 but without JPA questions and a little bit of the new features like the @Asynchronous annotation; @Singleton beans questions; different profiles...

It was way too long and deffinitely the little price (50 CHF) is not worth the time and having to wait that long for the results.

Apart from that there's almost no documentation and I had to prepare for the new questions reading articles like this:

Hi all.

I'm really happy to announce I cleared this hard test with almost no time to prepare it and with errors in my prep. kit.

I also went to the exam after having slept few hours and really thought it was too tought.
Nevertheless I passed and I can't express my feelings right now.

Thanks to all of you, active community users, posting doubts, writing guides and making our success possible. I wouldn't be here without you, so now I know it's my turn to help.

Kind regards to all of you my friends!

9 years ago
Hi all!

Long time reading this great comunity!

Today was the day; I passed.

Thanks a lot for all the effort you've put on helping others. Your home made simulators, advices, hints... You're all wonderful

Now it's my turn to help.

Please bring on any question and we'll try to help.

10 years ago