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Recent posts by Atilla Ilhan

Hi Kunagu
I did the sun training in 2001, but did not do very much with java after the training
I decided last year to do the scjp, first I read core java 2 volume I, then I read the K&B book twice, since I work full time it took about 10 months to do the preparation
now I try to do a lot of mock questions, I feel confident with most of the questions, except the examlab questions, those are very hard and I doubt if the real questions are that hard.
The cards idea is very helpful, I did the same
I also programmed a lot in java to understand some concepts better (threads, generics etc)

I will do the exam in a couple of weeks

Higgledy Smith wrote:System.out.printf("%s", new Long("123") );

I thought this would not run but it did. How is the long 123 being converted to a String? Is this autoboxed to Long > Object > String?

can someone explain this a little bit more.. why toString() method inserted automatically? while we want to create a new object of type Long,
it has a string argument but new Long(123) compiles also
When was doing this excercise I answered also one object, but in the book, it says that the object 'Short story' is also eligible for GC, I did not know that, but it sounds ok...
why would you use that? people may think you are working for SUN... and I think it is a copyrighted logo, you cannot use it anyway

Byju Joy wrote:If you had experience only with java version 1.3, it's better to go through a regular java book(not SCJP focused) to catch with new additions in later versions. Going directly into SCJP exam oriented stuff is not recommended, as you may easily miss the general simple concepts, while studying the tricky stuff.

Java book I already have, Core Java 5 fundementals part 1 from SUN, I can say this book helps me a lot, especially when I need more information about a topic,
and Paul Sanghera's book, I already finished. The selftest questions there are much more easy, and in my opinion not worth buying it.
and I followed another advice in this thread, I slowed down a little, I may memorize things better now

Indeed, it is very hard, but now I feel more confident, thanks

I try to read a chapter a day (since I have also a fulltime job), is this speed ok?
Hi All
I am new here and as you can guess, I want to pass the SCJP.. Java experience I have is not that much, I have some expererience in making simple classes in Java 1.3, 8 years ago,

question is: I bought the book SCJP 5 from K&B, I began reading this book a week ago (not completed yet), and check interesting code by myself, when I do a selftest when I complete a chapter, I got 50-60% right,
do I have to worry? since my intention is to read the book again (I read some people read it 2-3 times to pass)
my strategy is not to to do any mocktest/mastertest before completing the book 2 times... is this a good startegy?