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Eduardo Ponce de Leon

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Recent posts by Eduardo Ponce de Leon

Paul Clapham wrote:Yes, g tsuji took the time to go through your code, which I didn't. Sorry about that.

Either way, thank you for the help.
This was really helpful unlike other posts.
if i am posting it is because i cant get inside that specific xml element, otherwise i wouldnt be here asking for help.
Paul, thank you but i am unsure why do I need to use the emisor tag if I have no problem getting the information inside that tag.

My problem is getting the information inside the tag below, which i need to get "Importe" and "TasaOCuota"
Paul, thank you very much for the reply.

This is the complete file with nothing removed, the only reason I did that was to make it more easy to read

and this is my complete code

So I need to get both values for this specific file inside "cfdi:Traslados" and there can be from 1 to n

Hi all, i am trying to read an xml file but I am getting stuck with some tags...i have tried many different things but cannot seem to figure out how to get some tags.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The tags that I am not able to get are queted with "HELP"

XML File:

This is my code to get the data:
Hi all, i am trying to read an xml file but I am getting stuck with some tags and need some help.

This is the file I am trying to read

the parte where I am stuck is reading the 2 lines inside <cfdi:Impuestos>, can somebody help, especially where it says GETVALUE

This is my java code, just to start...I will make it better later, just getting the hand of how to read data.
1 year ago

Thanks for the reply...the path written before was correct, the file exists.

I have tried what you mention with ProcessBuilder and I am not getting any lucky.

I can just open the file directly or if not I get this error..

"Windows cannot find 'Combined'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I am sure it has to do something with spaces

If I just run a simple command like 'dir' I have no problem.
5 years ago
I am trying to "copy" or "xcopy" a file from my hard drive to a network drive that I have mapped. My string is not working in java but it does when I input the line directly in cmd.

Can somebody guide me on how to form the string in order for it to work in java...

this is my code

this is in main()

this is my function

The output of this is .....
"0 File(s) copied"

if I input this in cmd, it works with no problem

PLEASE HELP as I been struggling with this for several hours and have tried many things...
5 years ago
Does anybody know if its possible to add a Mailbox with no password and be able to read it in Javamail.

This mailbox is shared between 4 people and want to know if its possible to retrieve certain emails by subjetct only.

6 years ago
ok! Maybe I didnt explain myself, I am not trying to save the file to the dabase. I am trying to open the file with OpenCSV read the file, take the colums that I need and Insert them into my database. But I am unsure on how to do all this from the server.
I have my projec where I upload a file and it insets it into a DB. When I run my project in eclipse everything works like a charm, howeve when I export my project to a .war file and deploy in my Tomcat Server and try to upload the same file. I get the following error.

I noticed that for some reason a .jar from is not getting exported, so I added it manually to my .war file but this still does not solve my problem, what am I missing or doing wrong. Or is it just simply that since my file is on my local computer then the server cannot find it? If so, how do I pass a path to the server from my local computer to use that file and insert it to a DB. This is my current method that works if I run my app in eclipse.

Does anybody know of a good tutorial on how to upload a file in a jsp page and when you click on the upload button the .csv file will be processed and insert each column into a table in a database?
Thank you
Thank you all for the help. I think the error was due because the column in my table was not set as as money type and not numeric.