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My wife and I opted on the camcorder. We already had a digital camera that we use fairly often.

When I grew up we didn't have a camcorder. My dad was (and still is) always a big photo guy.

My wife's family had a camcorder. I thought it was neat watching some of the videos of her and her family prior to knowing her. So far we have never watched more then 30 minutes or so at a time, so it isn't like your grandparent's slide shows
15 years ago
I agree with all of Mike's points; but I think it is also important that the manager does some type of evaluation as well.

Where I work we have self evaluations, peer evaluations, and the manager also does and evaluation. I wish the format of the evaluations was a bit different (we follow a book), but it works pretty well as is.

If you are honest with yourself (sometimes this is hard) in your self evaluation and have an observant manager doing an evaluation they should come out very close.

To trim down on time for evaluations the peer evaluations are quite a bit shorter then the other evaluations.

I always ask to hear what my peers say (we aren't allowed to view them) so I can work to improve myself with my peers as well as my manager.

Good luck with your appraisal.
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15 years ago
I am not sure why some places seem to be shifting towards 'Happy Holidays' and all the PC crap. We still only get Christmas day off.

Maybe offices should move towards a winter break type of thing like they do in schools if they want to get all PC.

Nice video by the way. My office was just joking about this sort of thing yesterday.
15 years ago
I have been unsuccessful finding any examples on getting out put from params or results sets for SQL Server.
I have a select * stored proc that I need to access from a jsp page. I am having difficulty setting up the output params and could use a little help. I dont get an error, but I do not get any data either.

Is there something wrong with my prepare or the registerOuts?



Check out The Wiz Biz and the rest of that series by Rick Cook
16 years ago

[ReadBetweenLines] These are the softwares that came with a computer, and by definition its licensed only to the owner of the original machine it came with. We are just selling it once its used, and its not legal.[/ReadBetweenLines]

That isn't entirely true. OEM software needs to be purchased with hardware. That means I can go down to the computer store, pick up a CPU fan and Windows XP OEM legally. There are stores here in Arizona that do it all the time.
Does the software from that company come with a free IDE cable or something?
16 years ago
I do not know how much of the computer game Magic you remember. I played it not to long ago (hey i was bored).
The screen was cut in half, the top being the computer opponent and the bottom being you the player. The playing field was customizable as to placement of the cards by the player so that everything could be seen and moved around. I enjoyed this because it was very similar to playing it in real life. The cards that I knew of, I place so I could see their titles. The ones that I didn't I could move so that they were easily readable.
I believe the game should only require a mouse however you do it though. =)
16 years ago
Most likely you do not have the virus, your email was just found in some txt file or other file and spoofed to send an email. My account here at work was spoofed a dozen times, but I know for sure I do not have the virus.
For more information on these worms/viruses you should visit norton or macafee's websites.
Here is what norton has to say about SoBig
17 years ago
Catholics Believe:
  • You must confess your sins to a priest for salvation.
  • You must attend church in order to pray (speak to God)
  • You must attend church regularly (typically weekly) to be religious.
  • Priests/Nuns cannot marry because it would interfere with their love of God (really because of land disputes when priests died in the past)
  • You must baptize infants to enable them to enter heaven. They die before baptizm, they go to purgitory (not heaven, not hell).
  • As an adult/teenager you must go through confirmation (adult baptizm).
  • Lots of ornate symbols, gold, etc.
  • Priests (mass leaders, whatever you wish to term them as) are only men.

  • 17 years ago

    The name of the game is "second hand smoke". In NY, it was an employee health issue. Employees have the right to a safe workplace and a workplace filled with smoke is unsafe (if you believe second hand smoke is a carcinogen). Your employer does not have the right to make your workplace unsafe and then tell you if you don't want to work there then quit.

    I have yet to hear this arguement in this state (I am surprised it hasn't come up yet too).
    17 years ago

    In Arizona the folks WANTED those rules.

    Why should we let people, who don't go to bars, tell the bar owner he can't have smokers inside decide this? If a majority of the population doesn't like condoms should we pass a law so that retailers cannot sell them? If such a law is passed does it enfringe upon the rights of a condom user?
    [ April 25, 2003: Message edited by: Christian Schnepf ]
    17 years ago

    Cleaning up after smokers and maintaining ashtrays in restaurants and theaters is a problem that owners don't need. I'm sure that the majority of them are very happy that business becomes a lot easier when smoking isn't permitted.

    Incorrect. Many businesses in Tempe have taken quite a hit in customers (especially bars since this happens to be a college town) because the customers aren't allowed to smoke in bars. Some have even had to close. Not only is this bad for the business owners, but now all that tax revenue that Tempe wants, is down the street in Scottsdale. What about the waiters/waitresses/hostesses that now no longer have a job because the resturant/bar couldn't get any customers to come to tempe, because they wanted to smoke?

    Seems like it should be a law at the state level, at least, huh?

    How is this the answer? Wouldn't it be more simplistic for the customer that doesn't want to be in a smokey resturant to just stay home? Or go to a resturant (there are plenty) that don't allow smoking? Isn't this free enterprise? I am sure if an entrepenur saw a great demand for a completely non-smoking bar, there would be TONS... where are they then?

    For instance - I am not allowed to have any farm animals on my land except horses. It is a restriction placed by other land owners around me to keep the property values up. Just because I disagree will not keep me out of trouble if I break the rules.

    This brings up a good point... Where do we draw the line?

    Apply a few more restrictions, and you end up with a dictatorship and a totalitarian state where the good of society is above the individual freedom.

    I completely agree. Call me crazy, but it is only a matter of time before the system gets even more rediculous.
    Besides, wasn't something similar tried with liquor before? Must not have been that great of an idea since it is no longer in existence....
    17 years ago
    Yet another city here in Arizona imposed a ban on smoking in resturants/bars yesterday. These people that impose these rules say it is for public health safety....
    When these small town of Tempe here imposed this ban, many of the bars lost lots of business. The patrons only have to drive a few more minutes into Scottsdale or Phoenix to go into a bar where they can smoke.
    What about the freedom of choice for the owner? Can he not decide for himself whether or not his establishment will allow smoking? Can a person not choose for himself whether or not he will go into that resturant due to the ammount of smoke?
    Any thing similar happening in your area?
    [ April 25, 2003: Message edited by: Christian Schnepf ]
    17 years ago

    Social Security was condemned as liberal - would you get rid of it?

    Social Security is a horrible system. I will most likely never see a dime of what I put into it. Unless all you older folks would like to start dying at around 65 again?
    17 years ago