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I am trying to call a javascript function, javascript.sendmail (mailId,mailSubject,mailBody) from my java class.
where I have defined variable mailBody = "Operational Categorization: Provide > Administration %0AProduct Categorization: OFS Business Systems -> Communication & Collaboration";..
but when ii calls that javascript function it gives error saying - "unterminated string literal".

Please suggest me how can I use escape character for %0A or else any better idea.
Hi ,

Thanks for the response. Let me explain my requirement clearly.

I have a java-script method "sendMail('<email-id>', <mailSubject>, <mailBody>)" , inside my jsp file.

I want to display a message, (already using struts), that will contain a "a href" tag, and inside href , this javascript method needs to be referred.

My string message looks like follows:

You don't have administrator rights on 3 out of 84objects concerned,therefore this operation can not be allowed.Please send a mail (<mail referred to javascript:sendMail() using a href >) Hub Admin Support team to carry out this activity for you.

During run-time, this message gets printed in the jsp page, and if the user clicks on "mail" link, one new send mail outlook window needs to be opened, using sendmail() javascript method.

I am trying in the way i posted in the current thread. But, it is not helping me. Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards,

Shashikant Shinde.
now when i am trying with this combination
<a href=\"javascript:sendMail('servicedesk\', mailSubject, mailBody)\">Hub Admin</a>

it is also giving error in eclipse saying Invalid escape sequence.
Hi , I am trying to embed a javascript function in href like follows-

builder.append("<a href='");
builder.append("javascript:sendMail('', mailSubject, mailBody)'>");

but while displaying it is not showing the link HubAdmin . what is the problem??