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Recent posts by Sumit Patil

As Bear suggested, just call a method of the other class.
Also, please remember Javaranch is NotACodeMill
11 years ago
Are you creating hibernate mappings using annotations in the UserDetails class?
If so, then you have to map it accordingly in hibernate.cfg.xml file.

Replace this


From Javadocs, the put method returns

the previous value associated with key, or null if there was no mapping for key. (A null return can also indicate that the map previously associated null with key.)


Seetharaman bet me by few seconds.
How are you building your application? Where does the .class files resides? Put your configuration file directly inside the 'src' folder.
I would suggest you to please go though the link provided earlier along with the this Google.
Are you using any kind of build tool? If yes, please check if the file is moved to build folder after compilation
From the error message

...Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.HibernateException: /hibernate.cfg.xml not found

The configuration file is not found. Where have you kept hibernate.cfg.xml file.
I hope this thread will help you.
The problem could be due to non retrieval of Struts 2 DTD.
Although i am not very sure about this.
11 years ago
The wildcard character in MS Access is '*'.
Replace '%' with '*' and try.
Thanks Campbell, will be careful from now on.
11 years ago
SerialVersionUID is an ID which is stamped on object when it get serialized usually hashcode of object, you can use tool serialver to see serialVersionUID of a serialized object . SerialVersionUID is used for version control of object. you can specify serialVersionUID in your class file also. Consequence of not specifying serialVersionUID is that when you add or modify any field in class then already serialized class will not be able to recover because serialVersionUID generated for new class and for old serialized object will be different. Java serialization process relies on correct serialVersionUID for recovering state of serialized object and throws in case of serialVersionUID mismatch.

Read more:
11 years ago
Check your properties file

This does not seem to be a valid email id. Please correct and try.
11 years ago
Try this

The Link
I have not used XSL-FO. The above statement was if you were using some servlet to render the pdf file. The relevant code would be

As per this site, in the "Initial Document Section", you can add headers. Please try that, although i am not sure if it will help.