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Recent posts by James Owen

Hi Gurus
Have a simple but important question.

i just came back after giving Part 3, and the exam was 2 hours long (120 mins).

But the Prometric email indicated that exam would be 2:15 min.

Could anyone who has given Part 3 for SCEA5 please share the time allocated for the Part 3 exam and clear my confusion...... It would be VERY helpful.

Thank you in advance.
Can anyone please answer my question.
Hi Java Gurus
I need some help from your expertise in JMS and posting to remote destination/queue. I would REALLY appreciate some help here.
I need to send a message to multiple remote destinations securily. I was wondering what is the best way to do this

I was debating having administered objects for connection factory and remote destinations stored in JNDI but was a little confused as to
1) Do i need connection factory of the remote queues JMS provider or Can i sent jms message to remote queue using my local connection factory stored in JNDI
2) How could administrative object for remote destination be stored in local JNDI
3) How can i secure the channel? Can SSL be used or do i need to encrypt the message.

I have also looked into propriotary bridge but am not sure as its vendor specific.
I hope someone helps me clear my confusion.i have spend good amount of time reserching this and now need some help to get unstuck.
Have a great long weekend
SCEA Part 1 93%, SCJP 5 91% SCBCD 83%
Is there interoperable JMS?? It seems that each MOM vendor has its own properitary format to allow interoperable MOM messages. So, in theory you can send the MOM message to different MOM based vendors but the solution is vendor specific.
So i guess my question is two fold

1)Is there any standard way to send JMS message to mutiple MOM based vendors?
2)To secure the message would SSL work between different MOM providers ... i am almost sure it does but needed some expert's Yay

I agree with you. I would hope that person grading exam is not a Sun fanatic... wanting a sun only solution.
I was actually thinking or planning to making assumption to open to firewall ports and use RMI... Would that be bad?
I am all for Hessian but since its a SUN exam I am a little afraid of non standard JEE technologies .. thats why i was limiting my soluction to SUN offered technologies.
We personally use a Tangsol Cache for asyn processing rather than JMS .. but i am planning on using JMS )))
Thanks for your reply Jonathan.
I was not trying to start a academic discussion. I needed clarification as to what communication protocol can i show in my Deployment Diagram to specify communication between my App server and external vendor Java API. I was very confused between RMI and RMI/IIOP, especially because i read a lot that RMI/IIOP is typically used only in Intranet applications within firewall.

Since in this case we are integrating my system with external vendor system, and both are behind fireall ....i didnt knew if RMI is better option or RMI/IIOP ...You can tell most of my experience has been with webservices and J2EE. Never used RMI in such scenario in real world.
I agree with you regarding the jar files... thats what i assumed too.
Can someone help me understand if RMI-IIOP over SSL can be used to communicate between Client(in firewall) and application(Not in firewall)
Wouldnt the firewall be an issue?
I personaly think some notes on diagram itself and a good description in word document (after Assumptions section maybe) would be good enough.
I want to store the reference of a Stateful Session Bean for maintaining state. I know that I can put in a servlet some code to store the reference to the Stateful bean in session.
Then on subsequent invocation servlet can check if the Stateful bean reference exists in HttpSession, and use it to get back to the same Stateful bean. This will work on Struts.

But in JSF we have Faces Servlet passing the control to managed beans. These managed beans can then use Business Delegate (Which uses ServiceLocator) to get to the EJBs.
Managed Beans get bounded value from JSP instead of HTTP Session.

In the above scenario (JSF lifecycle) where/how can i store the Stateful Session Bean reference in HttpSession so that client can go back to the same Stateful Bean?

Any response is much appreciated and Have a great weekend

SCJP 5 91%
SCEA Part 1 93%
So would you suggest that orderRequest should be shown in class diagram too??