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My input was not much. and so is my output. I purchased RHE in the month of august and I was able to complete it first time by the end of august. I hardly put 2-3 hours per week till end of august (going office and cook at home gives little time for studies).
It was in september that I started giving some more time. Last 15 days, I would say I studied very well. So In month of september I went thru JLS, 2nd time RHE, Jyoti notes and 6-7 mock exams.
In all 3 marcus exams I got 75 - 80 %. From the forum I knew that in actual exam you get almost same percentage as marcus and I decided to go for it. My aim was to get the certification and not the score.
To get high score you need to study 1-2 more books (exam Cram etc) and give more than 20 mock exams.
My interest is in servlet, JSP and EJB. So I wanted to clear SCJP soon and start studying these topics.
As about me I am already working in java and I sometime work with servlets and I want to focus myself in server side java programming.

There isn't any particular site where you can find all questions. But if you are constant visitor of javaranch and you follow the discussions which goes here or if you go thru all the discussions in last 1 -2 months, I am sure you'll come across lots of such questions. The most important thing is that you pick the code from these places and try it yourself and then read the explanations given by the moderators. This will definitely help.
You can get some more from the mock exams posted on the web.
I would say that SCJP is 25% theory and 75% practical. So its very important that you try writing codes and analyse its output.
Reading theory is also important b'coz it 'll clear the fundamentals of the language.
If you practise code it 'll help you to understand the theory part more nicely and give you the confidence so what ever type of code comes in exam, you can solve it.

Yesterday I passed SCJP with 76% score in first attempt.
I am a constant visitor of Javaranch Forum and I learned lots of basic from this forum. Special thanks to all moderators for the quality of discussion.
I basically prepared from RHE, notes of Jyothi. I gave 7-8 mock exams. I prepared classes, arrays, interface from JLS. Mediatracker topic and Gridbaglayout topic from the API. I practised lots of tricky codes and tried to understand the behaviour.
Exam questions were good and evenly distributed according to the objective. I found 2-3 questions same as in some mock exam. I got socket, mediatracker and gridbaglayout questions.
I was worried about thread questions and I got 100% marks in that topic and I was more confident in overloading and overriding questions and surprisingly I got 60% marks in that topic.
So I would suggest everyone to prepare all topics well even if you think that you r very good in it.
Good luck to all who is going to take this exam.
Sunita Singh
Thank you for your suggestions. Its very helpful.
Please send me the links of mock exam at
I am getting same problem as aru.
this application runs only on java1.3 ?
I have java1.2.2 and access loaded on my pc.
This is just a thought, I am not able to run it b'coz of my java version.

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Thank you for sharing this informtion.
I tried this code and got output as
I am using java 1.2.2
You are right.
option 3 and 5 both are correct
Congrates for getting 95%.
How do you rate Exam Cram.
I am planning to purchase this book. So I wanted to know.