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How to visualize java collection object in diagrams. My is works better with pictures and videos than words and books.

If a map has key as string and list as value.
Above list has other list of custom object
custom object has another list

These type of scenarios coming in real world projects quite often
How to picture and imagine these type of scenarios to move forward with coding
Please advise

3 days ago
Agree. Most of the collection courses an YouTube videos i see they teach adding string value to collection object and retrieving and deleting etc simple things. Real world projects has these types of complex scenarios with agile methodologies people giving few hours and judging the performance. Any good courses or YouTube videos or books(not much time for reading these days) where these type of complex scenarios covered like map has list as value and that list is having other filed which is list type which has again string as empNumber string field to set and return that object. My mind some times goes blank and unable to wrap around these type of things to implement. Please advise
1 week ago
As a developer I do not have god power

resulMap from database execute() method call has a key called rd using which i am getting value which is List<rd> object. rdList has field called information as below

private List<EmployeeInformationData> information;

So this EmployeeInformationData has String field empNumber which I have to set and return in the method.

So source is database execute call on the stored procedure
Target is EmployeeData with updated empNumber (if one set one, if multiple set multiple empNumbers) to rd object
Please advise
1 week ago
Any traditional way i can achieve this without using stream filter collect java 8 stuff
1 week ago
Looks like i cannot change method signature so method still has to return EmployeeData object not List<EmployeeData>
1 week ago
EmployeeData empData; //i am declaring at top of this dao class method called getEmpDataBatchDB
i have to return empData to calling service class
I am doing below 3 lines later on in same dao class method


i tried filter() and collect() as above.
Challenge is i have to return empData to calling service class method not ist<EmployeeData>. Please advise
1 week ago
I have database execute method returning a resultMap with a key as rd and value as list of custom object Employee data.

Map<String,Object> resultMap=getEmpBatchDB.execute(paramMap) currently doing below operation emp=resultMap.get("rd")).findFirst().get(); It is only giving one object which is first record of emp only. Returning one causing defect.

Instead of returning one how to return all records. I wish there is method like findAll() similar to findFirst() on stream API but not there.

Please advise
1 week ago
I found alternate link
any end to end examples to understand this concept? please advise
3 years ago

i am looking at below link

How this apache chain related to spring and rest web serives. Any good examples around this to understand end to end flow. why we need chain of beans?

when  i try to download apache chain says

Not Found

The requested URL /proper/commons-chain/downloads.html was not found on this serve

please advise
3 years ago
i searched below link

can you please post exact link to get jars. What all jars i need? any end to end examples on web services?
3 years ago
i am trying below example

when i added project to tomcat 8.5 in eclipse and trying to start tomcat i am getting below error

Server Tomcat v8.5 Server at localhost failed to start.
are these below 3 same jar or different jars?

jaxrs-ri seems jar right which has api and ext and lib within that?

i downloaded that and added from below site
it seems to have 2.0 version not 2.17 as mentioned in site?
where i can get exact version jar?
where i can see exact error trace of tomcat?

please advise
3 years ago

i was reading as below

what is the meaning of below

Consider the following URL −


If you hit the above url using your browser or using a java based client or using Postman, result will always be the User XML whose Id is 1 because the server does not store any information about the client.


how result with id 1 is related to statelessness.

since we created new user it created with id 1 and while retrieving we get same value right.

please advise
3 years ago
instead of  scanner.nextLine() can i use
what is meaning of nextLine() method here?
i am entering input like
etc in the same line right not next line?
4 years ago