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Recent posts by sai rama krishna

I found alternate link
any end to end examples to understand this concept? please advise
2 years ago

i am looking at below link

How this apache chain related to spring and rest web serives. Any good examples around this to understand end to end flow. why we need chain of beans?

when  i try to download apache chain says

Not Found

The requested URL /proper/commons-chain/downloads.html was not found on this serve

please advise
2 years ago
i searched below link

can you please post exact link to get jars. What all jars i need? any end to end examples on web services?
2 years ago
i am trying below example

when i added project to tomcat 8.5 in eclipse and trying to start tomcat i am getting below error

Server Tomcat v8.5 Server at localhost failed to start.
are these below 3 same jar or different jars?

jaxrs-ri seems jar right which has api and ext and lib within that?

i downloaded that and added from below site
it seems to have 2.0 version not 2.17 as mentioned in site?
where i can get exact version jar?
where i can see exact error trace of tomcat?

please advise
2 years ago

i was reading as below

what is the meaning of below

Consider the following URL −


If you hit the above url using your browser or using a java based client or using Postman, result will always be the User XML whose Id is 1 because the server does not store any information about the client.


how result with id 1 is related to statelessness.

since we created new user it created with id 1 and while retrieving we get same value right.

please advise
2 years ago
instead of  scanner.nextLine() can i use
what is meaning of nextLine() method here?
i am entering input like
etc in the same line right not next line?
3 years ago
sure. I will do that

in above code what is ::

i never seen such operator? please advise
3 years ago
i never remember creating unchecked exception myself
3 years ago
Saisir les chiffres: 1384

i am able to see output.

I never saw a method returning its own class object? any other similar use cases or links or examples where method returns its own class object? it looks bit odd as i am familiar with returning String int etc mostly
3 years ago

i wonder why the method returns App like below

public App createArrayOfDigits()

i do not see any output. How to execute this program in eclipse?
3 years ago

i am trying below example

I wonder how they are able to get the option in drop down like MBean as attached and i am not able to get that option in drop down
please advise
Thank you for reminding again. I started reading the book now. Hopefully will finish in a week days.
3 years ago