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Recent posts by Oriol Boan

I want to thank to all of you. I've been very busy this week and after reading your opinions and some other sources I'm decided to use Spring security in my project.
Now, I have to update or improve my knowledge about Spring framework. The video tutorials from Mr. Paraschiv are a very good option. Thanks.
3 years ago
Hello Mr. Paraschiv,

I'm about to start a new project which involves developing a web app with java technologies. This app has to achieve, among other different things, the authentication of users (register and login). Technologies I'm planning to use are the spark framework, freemarker template engine, mongodb, spring framework for dependency injection and a framework (still not decided which one) for security issues and authentication of users.

The options, at a first glance, are JAAS, Spring Security or Apache Shiro, or maybe another one I'm not aware of.

I would like to know your opinion about which security technology is best to use in my project, and as I guess you will say Spring Security, what are then its advantages in comparison with those other ones I've mentioned.

Thanks for your time and advise.
3 years ago
Welcome Mr. Paraschiv

I'm really glad you're around here, because I have a project in mind and before starting it I have to make some decisions about the technologies to be used in it. I'll ask about this in another thread.

I hope it all goes well for you and wishing you a great success in selling this video course. Ellaborating such materials represents a lot of effort, I know because I currently work as a trainer, teaching core programming and java technologies.

Best regards
3 years ago
in amazon.co.uk this book is said it'll be released on Jan'15!!! 9 months from today!!! Is this the real release date? Any update on the real release date?
It's great to see a SCJP promotion in the 'promotion books' section. Although many of javaranchers are already certified at this level, I think there are also a lot who are actually very interested, as in my case as I'm planning to take this exam certification before the end of next september. I'm sure this lab will be very helpful.
Thanks Robert for this info.

I think most of us were wondering this issue, I mean, how to use R as a back-end for end-user applications written in other languages. As you may noticed from the thread about data mining and adaptive web, I was asking about this issue because one of the main use enterprises (e-commerce and e-learning) could take of a statistical language is to help them build web applications that can be automatically customized by customer preferences, customer web usages etc, i.e. the statistical language should act as a back-end for data/web mining processing to inform the application business logic on how to build user interfaces (based upon those data mining results).

I think R could have a great success in this role if projects as rJava could be properly addressed to be fully integrated with any of the popular j2ee frameworks.

Thank you again for your comments
8 years ago

As stated by Robert, I wish to highlight some free software resources for data mining, and in some cases classical statistics too:


and others... in my research project Using Free Data Mining Software and Clustering Algorithms to find Predictors from Student Qualifications you'll find a section called "Free Software for Data Mining". Hope it helps.

Another resources where you can search for statistical free software (among lots of other things):
Data Mining Community's Top Resource for Data Mining and Analytics Software (aslo mentioned by Robert)
The Data Mine Site


8 years ago
Thank you, Robert.

The info you provided is very valuable. Specially the RWeka, because I used to work with Weka in my research projects (as you can see here for instance). By the way, the book The Elements of Statistical Learning is fantastic, lots of thanks!

I think that you will find R appropriate for web mining and and web applications. In my own work, I use R as an exploratory data mining tool and do not build adaptive systems, but there are certainly many examples available.

I'll search over the Internet to find some examples, but if you are aware of anyone please let me know.

Besides all this, and regarding the book "R in action" I suppose there are examples to illustrate the theory, but what kind of examples? Classical statistics or data mining too? Can you provide the Table of contents?

Thanks again.
8 years ago

I've done some research in data mining an web mining but never used R, though it is free software. I'd like to know how the R language fits in data mining tasks and, specifically, whether it is appropriate for web mining and building adaptive web applications and recommender systems (for e-commerce or e-learning) acting as a back-end (web apps built using j2ee for example).

thank you.
8 years ago

Mark Lui wrote:Oriol,

Source code is available at the Apress website:



Thanks Mark,

I've taken a look at the code and I noticed it can be put in practice using a sandbox available from springsource.org. That's perfect! I definetly will start learning all these Spring technologies as soon as my duties allow me.
8 years ago
Thanks for the TOC!

About the examples... are they only provided as written examples on the book itself, I mean, does this book include some sort of source (CD / DVD o Internet downloading) with code samples, exercises to practice with and the like? Thanks again!

PD: An extended TOC can also be found on a preview of the book from Amazon here
8 years ago
Lots of thanks, Josh!

Your comments are very valuable.

It's just an API with libraries that implement support for connecting to, and sending and receiving events from, external systems.

So it can be used to integrate external systems, no matter what framework is used on these external systems, therefore Spring Integration is not only addressed to applications / systems built using the Spring framework, you can use Spring integration to integrate any kind of external systems. That's very good! (I supossed it has to be this way to guarantee its successfulness, but you never know for sure what policies rule over a project). I agree with your recommendations about learning and using Spring Integration. Green Beans already added in my bookmarks list. Thanks again.
8 years ago
Thanks Mark. Your answer clarifies me what is this book and this Spring Integration Project about, which is what I needed to know.

I would definitely recommend Spring Integration for learning enterprise integration.

I will take into account very seriously this recommendation, besides the Spring Recipes book you suggested. I think it's time for me to add all Spring technologies to my personal knowledge database and to improve my professional career. Thanks you again.
8 years ago
Thank you Mark.

You said "...is about the Spring Integration Project", thus I looked for information on this subject to determine whether I could be interested or not, and as usually there is a bunch of info, which, plus the fact that I am really very busy, it makes me hard to find out if I should start learning enterprise integrations with the solutions provided within this project (the Spring Integration Project) or better choose other approaches as an ESB.

Please, could you summarize the main goals of this project and the main differences with an ESB solution (if apply)? Maybe ESB is more generic and Spring Integration Project is intended only for integrations where applications are built using the Spring framework? Is the Spring Integration an approach more like the classical EAI? I'm a bit lost...

Thank you again.
8 years ago
I have done development in some enterprise projects using struts & JSF but never still worked with Spring, and I'm willing to learn Spring, so... is this book suitable for a profile like mine? What is the intended audience this book was written for? Thank you!
8 years ago