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javaFx is so cool, i hope i can use it in our companny , even if my personal website....
10 years ago
[size=18][color=darkred]I saw some questions elsewhere below these, but the orginal answer I felt it's not correct. :(
Can anyone help to provide correct answer??[/color][/size]

Assume a device supports datagrames and a MIDlet has permission to user datagram connections.
Which two are true?(choose two)
A.Push registration can fail if another application has already reserved the connection on the device.
B.Push registration can fail if the allowed sender filter specified is *, which poses a security risk to the device.
C.Push registration can fail because the device does NOT support the use datagram by the PushRegistry.
D.Push registration can fail if there is a push registration confilct, but the user must be prompted as to how to resolve the problem.