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Recent posts by Sergio Campos J.

Andrew Monkhouse wrote:At the very bottom of the email message describing how to change your password is a line that states what your username is:

Remember: your username is: ...........

Yes! that's it!
I didn't see it...
10 years ago
I forgot my Login Name for a while,
and pressed "I forget my password"

From my email account I was sent to a page to reset password (I resetted it)
but I couldn't either log in
because I didn't remember the Login Name.

Finally, after several tries, I remembered.
But I am disapointed by what happened.

Is there a way I don't know
through which I can recover my Login Name
in the case I forget it?

10 years ago
How do I do
to make an App
work in an specific
mobile phone
and not in other one?

Can I read the mobile serial or something?

10 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:[...] google "deep copy" [...] see if that helps.

It helped, Yes! Thank you!
TestClass Object2 = (TestClass) Object1.clone();

I think I was overwriting Object1 (shallow copy) which was supossed to stay unaltered
10 years ago
Thanks mike!
Actually, assigning item by item is cheap here.
But in a more complex construction it could be quite expensive.
That's why I'm sure there should be a way of doing this.
10 years ago
Java doesn't mark a compilation error,
but it seems not to accept this assignment:

Object2 = Object1;

Provided that Object1 and Object2 are of the same kind with one array and one int variable inside them, and both declared as TestClass.
The code runs. but results shows the assignment above fails.

Is there a "formal way" of doing this assignment?
(I'm trying to avoid assigning item by item from inside objects)

Thanks in advance.

From Venezuela:
Wish you all a Merry Christmas
and A Happy New Year!!!
10 years ago
Thanks, Mr. Cox!
This seems to be what I need to learn about to step forward.
(I was a little worried about the english barrier to express my doubts)
I'll google Mediator Pattern to find out about this interesting concept.
10 years ago
Answer to question 1: NO
Answer to question 2: NO

Sorry for the small delay in clearing up your doubts.

Hope it'll be helpful
10 years ago
In Microedition, I'm using only one Canvas to display graphics
and Keypressed method to read keyboard inputs.

I want to use something like this to control the flow of a game:
But I'm not quite sure about where to put this code to take control of the flow,
since Keypressed & repaint() methods are likely to be outside this control.

Can someone, perhaps, suggest how to manage the flow of the program as I'm trying above?
10 years ago

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:Midlet- mobile application?

Yes, I'm using a Canvas.
10 years ago
Is there a restriction about where to use repaint()

I mean, should it be called only from inside Keypressed method
or I can use it from a method of my own?

I have a midlet in which repaint() seems to work only inside Keypressed method.
But I'm trying to control all the program flow from a method called Main.

Thanks for any help...
10 years ago
As short as my poor knowledge has permitted.
Hope it can be helpful for beginners.
(must be written in a file called

10 years ago

Ali Gilani wrote:hi, can you someone tell me where I can find a java chess program, that is free and has good graphics for my cell phone??

The question was made 7 years ago...
I guess, up to this time, someone has an answer... [Probably... Posibly... I'm not sure...]
12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:What happened when you tried it?

Point taken. I'm spending an interesting time in reading
"How To Ask Questions On Java Ranch"
Greetings! and thanks for helping!
12 years ago