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Recent posts by Alex Bokov

wsdl is xml file which contains all descriptions about web service.
Base on that wsdl eclipse generated classes what you will need to work with this particular web service
(in your case stub and callbackhandler).
Now you can use them from any other class.

this is example of how I used it:

may be it will help
12 years ago
There are different services implementations as I understand (I’m novice in ws to0 ) , at least Axis, and Axis2.
I have worked only with Axis2 and probably will be able to explain how to create client for it.
If you will give me that wsdl url (something like I could try to
create client if there is no special credentials (password, user_name).
12 years ago
Can anyone explain what is the difference between HttpEndpoint, HttpSoap11Endpoin and HttpSoap12Endpoin in Axis2,
or give some link where it can be explained,
12 years ago
We have web servers, and do filter out some traffic base on some criteria.
Our concurrent company said that they have filter based on MAC address.
By my knowledge MAC address does not go far than first router/bridge.
Is there some way to get MAC address of remote machine, or it was just bluff?
Yes, I know . But every time when something happened I was blamed for my innovations, even it was not source of problem
12 years ago
We are using tomcat server for ours applications and have some deployed as war files and some not.
Actually everything works fine. But my manager heard on some seminar that it is bad practice to have war and not war applications on same tomcat server.
Are there some real problems with that? Thanks.
12 years ago
Is there some tag in struts2 to cut long text to specified limit?
Something like: “The very long text” to “The ver …”
Should I try to use JSTL like <c: out value="${fn:substring(string,start,end)}"/>
or struts2 has something own?
12 years ago
query caching is working

but hibernate need to be kicked

with session factory

with entity manager
I found that caching works for single element

with session factory:
and with entity manager:

but does not work for lists

with session factory:
and entity manager:
i tried! saved file as Unicode, then run:
native2ascii.exe -encoding unicode text_ru_utf8.txt

but still see only ???
12 years ago
I am trying to make work hibernate second level caching not successfully.

I have:


and every time I call findAll() in CategoryService it calls data base, at least I see query log.

Is there some thing that I missed?
How to get caching work?

Thanks for any help.

hire is my applicationContext.xml

just started using hibernate entity manager with spring injection on tomcat and I have some questions.
My application does some classic steps: spring creates entity manager and injects it in some another object where it can be used.
The next step is getting list of some objects representing some info in data base like this:

And after some modifications on myRecords I need to save them again.
Now it looks like myRecords list is detached. My question is: can I merge/update entire list at once or I have to iterate it and merge each list element individually.
All transactions managed by spring.
just forgot, i am using tomcat as a server
12 years ago