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Recent posts by Eduardo Bueno

Tim Holloway wrote:
FIRST: Log4j 2.1.6 is CURSED. If you want to avoid the vulnerabilty issues, go to 2.2 or higher.

Are you sure? Aren't you mixing up versions?
AFAIK Log4j 2.2 version is vulnerable to the 0-day exploit and you should be using 2.16.0.

2 years ago
That is log4j 1.2. It was not affected by the vulnerability. Only Log4j version 2 is affected.
2 years ago
Just to expand further on the response of the first question, I suggest you take a look at
4 years ago
It's been already a long reading but worth every letter. Thank you Junilu and Ashley and keep up the good work.

I'm also in the urge to code this myself but as Junilu I'll try to just stick around and add or absorb whatever I can.

Junilu Lacar wrote:If you think about it, the "position_0_0" part of the name also leaks some implementation details so sometimes it can't be totally avoided. Also, we aren't locked in to these names. We can always change them as we learn more about what the code wants to do.

I've been thinking about it since Ashley posted and isn't it correct to name it space_in_corner instead of space_at_0_0? since the test can also be applied for other corner spaces as well.
Thank you very much, I didn't know I could use length() in this case.
You've read it right, Greg. Anyway I didn't know about those tricks - thank you very much Muhammad.

I can use jQuery and yes, it's not in the DOM.
I have this simple scenario which I'm trying to find a css solution for. I have a page with two divs side by side - div1 and div2. at some point div2 may not be rendered, so I have div1 only and I want to align it to the center. I realized I can do it by changing its margin-left attribute, but first I must check if the other div (div2) was not rendered. how do I do this?
First of all, this is a pure tsql and SQL Server issue. If this is not the right place, or non java matters can't be discussed in the Ranch, sorry for the inconvenience.

I need to build a table with an specific kind of primary key. The table is 'person':

Here is the matter: the primary key (id) will be the initial letter of the name + the initial letter of the city + the age + the identity number (cont). For example, when I insert ('eduardo', 'araraquara', 19) the generated PK will be 'ea191'. the second record ('bear', 'ranch', 30) will be 'br302', and so on.

I have never worked with triggers, until I was told this can be done with it. I managed to create this one:

But when I insert the above records in the table I get the following IDs: 'ea190', 'br300'. As you can see, the command 'SELECT cont FROM inserted' is returning the value 0. The identifier is being generated after the record is inserted. Does anyone know how can I work on this issue? Recall that I don't know much about triggers, if I'm doing anything wrong please notify me. I hope the matter is quite clear and understanding.
You could go for N97. Symbian really rocks.
14 years ago
Remember Chewbacca? Yeah, he will raise from his grave. THAT is catastrophic.
14 years ago
Post the solution, it might be useful to others.
14 years ago
cursor:hand is deprecated as it is Microsoft's standard and supported by IE 5.0 and 5.5. Use cursor:pointer instead (works fine in IE 6.0+ and other browsers).
As good ol' Homer says, "Here's to alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all life's problems. "
14 years ago
It comes to Brazil only on October. How sad
14 years ago
I suggest The Phantom of the Opera.

14 years ago