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Recent posts by Poonam Kohli

I have passed the exam over the weekend.

Studied Head First book and also referred to the specs.

It took 4-5 months because of busy family schedule..
12 years ago
Dear friend,

sorry to say but it seems that you have been cheated by that person. There is no such shortage.

I come from India and I can say with a 100% confidence that the person who took 4000 Rs from you, is fooling you.

Go and get your money back.

All the best.
I agree with Deepak. I had same thing in my mind. However, i did not bring it up on this forum (no idea why).

I would say POST and PUT both are not idempotent.

Either JavaDoc is correct or HFSJ is correct. Both can not be correct here. Both speak different.

I own a house. So, I do an itemized deductions when I file my taxes.

My question is regarding the cost of certifications (which will be more than $1000 bucks this year. Since I am planning for a total of 3 exams). Is this $1000 tax deductible? Can I add it to any of the deduction buckets?

I know I should be consulting a CPA here. But I just want to know if someone has any idea?

Thanks so much

Neha Kathuriaa wrote:Hi
Congrats for such a success.
Can you help me with the certification. I want to give this certification.


Thanks in advance.

[ illegally copied material ] == cheating.. Cheating yourself. Do you want to pass the exam to learn or do you want to get that paper certificate?
12 years ago
I am sorry to post an out of context question here.

But since we all are spending so much money on certification.. $300 for each exam. Plus books, plus mock exams.

Do you know if all this qualifies as deductible for a person who itemizes the deductions in USA?
You have to go online and verify your shipping address. Unless you do that, you will not get certificate.

i am sorry, but i really do not remember the website to go to etc. Might be someone else here will help in that regard. But that step is very important
Not sure if you are using Tomcat. If you are, then you can find it under following folder on your machine

<tomcat home>\webapps\jsp-examples\WEB-INF\lib

Congratulations sister.. good job !!!
12 years ago

dinesh tripathi wrote:Congratssssss...........

Dumps are cheating my friend. Do you want to pass exam to gain knowledge or to gain the piece of paper?
12 years ago
Try to see the java file created by Tomcat (I am assuming you are using tomcat).

This is what it generates in case of 4th example

This clearly looks for C.jsp under current folder.

rachna jain wrote:Thanks a lot.

I didnt know that time limit is 180 min.

what did you think the limit was? just curious
Hi All,

I have seen multiple posts here on this topic. But still there is no clear answer to weather or not it is possible.

Please advice.


Ashish Gupta wrote:Hi Harshana,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have however got the voucher from RPS Consulting Pt. Ltd. I got it for Rs. 4000/-


Are you planning to buy in Indian Rupees adn use it in USA?

I have read multiple posts here on this forum. But still not clear weather or not that is possible or no.