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Recent posts by kimsy

On one of my recent job interviews, I was asked "In C/C++ and Java, why does the array index start with 0 instead of 1"
For example, if you define the following in C/C++;
int array[10];
It will create an array that can contain maximum 10 integers, and the index goes from 0 to 9 instead of 1 to 10.
I know we are all very used to this convention, but what's the exact reason behind it?
Does anyone know why? Was there any technical reason for this when the C language was created back in 1980? Or is it because of the "B" language that preceded C language back in 1970?
20 years ago
If you are familiar with Obeject-Oriented design analysis, and have experience with UML design with J2EE technology (EJB, Servlet), then you should be fine.
The assignment is very simple and easy for an experienced J2EE architect.
However, if you don't have experience with UML and OO design at all, then I suggest you postpone the assignment, and get yourself involved in a real-world J2EE design project first.
Can I also have the copy of pdf file?
Thanks a lot
my e-mail is
If you need H-1 sponsorship and looking for entry-level job, you're out of luck at this time
Not many companies are willing to sponsor entry-level programmer. Most companies will require MS in Comp. Sci + minimum 2-3 years of experience
At this point of time, you need to be exceptional to get an entry-level job with H-1 sponsorship
You can keep trying, but I suggest you go back to school and get Master's degree
Good Luck
20 years ago
Most job search sites (such as, don't post entry-level jobs. I believe those sites are for the experienced....
Even two years ago, when the economy was so good, I could hardly find any entry-level job postings on most of sites....
If you're fresh out of college and looking for entry-level positions, you have to go through your school's career services or resources....
I believe it's how most college graduates get a job...
Also, vidhya, if you are looking for entry-level position and need H-1 sponsorship, you're out of luck.... Not many companies are willing to sponsor entry-level programmer at this time...
20 years ago