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Recent posts by Mohan Panigrahi

I have used where they provide you a name for your ip address.
I did not have the static IP as you have, so I had installed another piece of software which will sync up my ip (by polling if it has changed), with

The only caveat is that the domain names would be of free domain types like or etc.

To use such services you would need to do the following

1. Create a free account with service provider.
2. Choose which free domain would you like
3. Provide the IP address which you would like to be mapped with the name you just created.
4. Download some client software which will sync up your account with service provider with the latest ip address [This is when you do not have static ip]

Hope it helps.
16 years ago
Thanks ranchers for the response!
I was hoping to hear from Kris too on this topic. Kris do you have views on this?

Are there some standard frameworks available which integrate Ajax with Spring?

I would like to know if any of the ranchers have worked with this combination and some words of wisdom on how did they model their architecture.

Here is the pom:
<name>Example 1 :: Web Application</name>
<description>Example 1 Web</description>

I am doing mvn install

The error I get is:
[INFO] [resources:resources]
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] null
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Trace
at com.trend.iwss.jscan.appscan.runtime.PolicyRuntime.getB64StrProp(Poli
at com.trend.iwss.jscan.appscan.runtime.PolicyRuntime.<init>(PolicyRunti

Any help would be very much appreciated....
16 years ago
I have Machine-A on which I have installed WAS
I have Machine-B on which I have installed Websphere MQ

I need to connect to the queue/queue manager defined in Machine-B from Machine-A. Could anyone suggest how can I do that, by configuring the admin console of WAS.

17 years ago
The authors(Srikanth,Nitin) of 'Struts Survival Guide' state that there is no component of struts in 'model' category of MVC framework.

But I feel that Action class should belong to model category, because it would contain the business logic. Any elaboration on this?

17 years ago
I am looking for an example too...please update the FAQs with validating with SAX.
[ February 22, 2006: Message edited by: Mohan Panigrahi ]
Need to generate hbm.xml files from database....any sensible tool..with sensible configurations around....please

HTTP is stateless what does keep-alive K header the response to the client?

17 years ago
Thanks Ulf,
Regarding your second suggestion, that is exactly what I have used in the program, but it does not give the full text ( including headers etc.)

But, I would not like to use some ready made HTTPClient. I would have liked to do the raw Java way.....thanks anyways for your help....

17 years ago
Hi Ulf ,
Thanks very much. Would you know how can I obtain everything, the headers, status message and the actual html thing by a single stream. May be I need to use some type of socket connection?

17 years ago
I have written a URL connection program, which would request a webpage from the server. I find that HTTP headers are missing from the the text that I get. Could anyone suggest what can I write more in this program so that I can get to see

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: tex/html

apart from the usual <html> tags.

My program

Request for Moderators: Please don't move it in HTML forums, because it is servlet programmers who deal with getting and setting of headers and not HTML programmers.
17 years ago
Hey Paul,
Thanks very much. I was doing exactly that.
I have a related question now :
I have class (myServlet....lets call it class A) which has methods init() and init(SC)
This servlet extends HttpServlet class (lets call it class B) which has init() and init(SC).

Now : container calls A.init(SC)
A.init(SC) calls B.init(SC)
Probably B.init(SC) calls B.init(), but in no way can B.init(SC) call A.init() you get my does the init() method gets called..even in this changed scenario.
17 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
I created a servlet with both init() and init(ServletConfig) methods overridden. I have put a system.out statement in each on of them.

I find that init() is called before init(ServletConfig). Now this I find quite anamolous, since in the init() method I can do getServletConfig() and try to get ServletConfig, which shall only be set in the next method call.

Could you experts help me undertand why is this order of calling. I would think init(SC) should be called before init().

17 years ago
Thanks Eric. But atleast I can figure what where is the name and where is the value....could you help with this...