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southall is a dump

so they are gonna pay you 330UKP/mo for working in the UK? that is a joke. It will probably cost you more than that to commute each month.
19 years ago
My argument was that this was a very much half hearted attempt to develop her career & if she were serious she might think about spending a little more money. Sure if funds are tight then $4000 might get you SCEA, OCP, CSDP (IEEE membership) and a shelf full of good computer textbooks. That is a better investment than any 'online' degree.

But most employers know that alma mater alone does not guarantee excellence.
It does, and employers know it.
[ August 06, 2004: Message edited by: SJ Adnams ]
19 years ago
check out the CJ Date classic.
Doesn't it show motivation, determination, self-improvement? I've been in the tech field for a little more than 4 years and I don't want to be stale.

No. It shows that you think it is only worth investing $4k into your career, It (may) also show you are incapable/reluctant to get a good GMAT score.

If you were serious, you would be saving hard, then taking out a BIG loan, and going to a top 10 school. That clearly states you are SERIOUS about your career.
19 years ago
At least one athlete, Erika Schineggar of Australia, has competed in both men's and women's Olympic events. As a member of the Australian National Ski Team, Schineggar won the 1966 women's downhill ski title; but shortly thereafter, when the Barr-body test was introduced, she was found to be chromosomally male and barred from further women's competitions.

After undergoing four genital surgeries, she changed her name to Eric, married a woman, and competed in cycling and skiing as a male.

(lots of similar stories if you follow the link),2.html
19 years ago
do you know where it's offices are?

Is it the place above a shoe shop down chancery lane?
19 years ago
So what about all the 'non security' bugs?

I care more about the favicon's next to the correct link in bookmarks, disapearing scrollbars, and https sites that lock all the tabs up... etc...

if they can't fix those it doesn't give people much confidence in the more obscure (security) bugs.
19 years ago
JP Morgan asked me to do one for them prior to interview. They gave me a special login code..

If the questions come up again I guess it could be helpful to have them
strike that - 10,000 is the answer
19 years ago
I think Poiseuille's Law applies here.

which means that the flow is proportional to r^4

which means 100million 1" tubes!!
19 years ago
install services for unix on the pc.

you can then open a telnet connection & issue a shutdown command.