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Ritika Misra

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Recent posts by Ritika Misra

issue is ...
this data i m posting to a url and at the other they are not able to retreive the data the data....where could be the issue???any idea
11 years ago

how do you want to do it

If you have to do it via browser you can submit a form

how will submit a form ...can you provide me with a sample code for doing the same.
I have uploaded my code.please check and suggest some thing

i m using setRequestProperty() method of httpsConnection to send data.

11 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

Can any one help me with sending data via HttpsConnection .
I need to send 2 parameters - b.signature

These 2 parameters needs to be sent as a key/value pair
11 years ago
Hello ranchers,

Can any one help me with reading digital signatures ina java??
is this possible? if yes then please send some code or some link.need to implement the same in one of my applications
11 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I have isntalled a certificate in IBM websphere...
Can any one help me with importing that installed certificate in my java code???

11 years ago
Dear Ranchers,

Please help me,
My application is deployed in websphere 6.0. and i m using java ,jsp...

Offlate i have started receiving this error related to db connectivity or is it network related issue or java related issue...
please guide i m totally confused...

Java Dev User
hi ,
we are using iBATIS for our application.Although iBATIS closes its connection on its own ,still we have certain open connection from our application which is causing issues while running the application.we are able to make connection using JDBC with Oracle thin driver in iBATIS but while establishing connection using JNDI and connection pooling it keeps connection open in database and connections are not getting closed properly.

SqlMapConfig.xml we are using for JNDI is :

<!DOCTYPE sqlMapConfig PUBLIC "-// SQL Map Config 2.0//EN" "../../dtd/sql-map-config-2.dtd">
<settings cacheModelsEnabled="true" lazyLoadingEnabled="false" enhancementEnabled="true" maxSessions="64" maxTransactions="8" maxRequests="128" />
<transactionManager type="JDBC">
<dataSource type="JNDI">
<property name="DataSource" value="java:comp/env/jdbc/netappcrn" />
<sqlMap resource="com/kotak/crnapp/config/NetApp_CRN_SQL.xml"/>

Can any one suggest how to overcome this issue and how to close the connection in iBATIS explicitly while using JNDI and how to specify connection pool size(if any) .


Java Dev User
can any one give met he link to download eclipse3.3.2 plugin for hibernate.

hello ranchers,

can any one help me to passs arguments to a fucntion at command line.


any help will be appreciated....
12 years ago
i guss httpbased api are nothing but WDSL
can any one help me with wsdl..
wroking with wsdl ???
12 years ago
Hello ranchers

Can any one tell me performace wise which is better Scriptlet or jstl???
As we are doing a net banking applciation,wanted to because i need to customize the code so that it takes lesser time to load.
Which would be better......

Also is there any possiblity to reuse jstl tags ???

Thanks in advance...

Java Dev User
12 years ago
hello ranchers,

Can any one help me with HTTPBased API ?
what are these http based api ?? and how it can be used in java's web applications

any help will be apprciated...

thanks and regards,

Java Dev User.
12 years ago
apart from jar file..any idea about getting "tutorial " for the same....
is there any one who ca help me out.
12 years ago
yes it is commerdial products..
This can be worked out with java and .net .They provide with some API's ......

For example

Please refer the below details this is used for Unlocking token.

Kindly let me know that in order to fire this do we need to import any jar file?

Above mentioned is just a code fragment...what i want to know is..what else is need to implement this on a whole..

Any help will appreciated..i need ti implement this in curent project.

12 years ago
hello ranchers,

Has any one worked with Entrust Identity guard (Dual factor authentication) this is used for security purpose..

thanks and regards,

Java dev user
12 years ago