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Recent posts by Raj. Sharma

Congrats Rachel!
Wish you all the best for your next certifications.
9 years ago
Congrats Varun and Wish you all the Best for your Future.

9 years ago
Congrats Dante and thanks for sharing your preparation strategy...Wish you loads of Success...
9 years ago
Hello Folks,

We at Whizlabs are looking for people who have done any Java Certification or who are preparing for Java Certifications Exam,
The assignment is to write content on Java Certifications which will be used by Java Certification Aspirants for their exam preparation and will be provided to them free of cost.
This is a paid part time assignment for you and you can do it with your regular job.

Kindly mail me at raj.sharma[at]whizlabs.com if anyone is interested to work with Whizlabs and want to help Certification Aspirants.
9 years ago
Hi Sonia,
We really apologize for the issues you faced,
The reason you did not got a reply from us is that Our office is closed for holidays and it will be resumed on 2nd Jan 2013.
Kindly send me a mail at raj.sharma[at]whizlabs.com with all your queries and please mention your phone number also and i assure you that i will call you back as per your preferred time and solve all your issues.
Wish you all the best for your exam.

Congrats Hitesh

I am glad to hear that Whizlabs OCPJP 6 Online Instructor led Training helped you in passing OCPJP 6 Certification Exam with 81%.

Best of Luck for your next Certification and keep participating in Javaranch Forums.

Hello Pablo,
Thanks for posting your query for Whizlabs SCJP 6 Online Instructor led Training,
We cover the whole curriculum of SCJP 6 certification in this training and it is a 4 day online class conducted on 2 weekends.
We recommend SCJP 6 book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates during our Training and all our participants follow this book.
We provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for this Training,You can book your seat for the training and join first day session,
If you did not find the training appropriate after attending first day session, you can mail us and we will refund your full amount paid by you.
We are conducting these training's every month since so many years and we have got a positive feedback from all participants.
Please feel free to mail us at our support mail id and we would love to help you in your preparation.
Keep posting your queries on coderanch and get your queries solved from experts.
Best Regards,
Raj Sharma
Customer Relations-Whizlabs
Dear Ali,
You have to update offline version to see the updated paid full version.
Please click on update button and see the paid full version.
Raj Sharma

ali kamran wrote:

Raj k Sharma wrote:Dear Ali,
Please check your online and offline version again and confirm.
Raj Sharma

Thanks.The online version seems fine now but the offline version still has the issue.Please advise.

Dear Ali,
Please check your online and offline version again and confirm.
Raj Sharma
Dear Ali,
Thanks for posting your query,
Now our all products can be used by logging in our website with the same email id and password which you have used while registration, its no more activation code process now.
We are happy to inform that our all products can be used in online or offline mode.i.e you can either used the self study training by logging in our website and using online mode or you can download the offline version and use it anywhere without internet.
Also, we apologize for not replying as there is a weekend off at office and you will get the reply by monday on email.
Keep participating in this forum and best of luck for your exam.
Raj Sharma
Customer relations
Dear Mr Cameron Wallace McKenzie,
We have a great respect for you and we want to thank you for your feedback but we assure you that Whizlabs Exam Simulators are prepared with great dedication and keeping in mind the requirements of the user.
We are creating our product for 1Z0-803- Java SE 7 Programmer I Exam Simulator these days and we are planning to launch it within 10 days,If you have time, we request you to kindly review our product and give your feedback.
10 years ago
We are looking for authors and Trainers for New Java certifications Like OCAJP 7, OCPJP 7, OCEJWCD 6 and other Java certifications at Whizlabs.
This is a part time assignment and person can do this assignment from remote location with their regular job.
For Online Training, the training is conducted on weekends and person can conduct the online training remotely from their homes.
For more queries, Kindly send us a mail at raj.sharma@whizlabs.com
10 years ago

Jacob Sonia wrote:Did anyone do the Whiz labs instructor led training. Please help me with feedback

Hi Sonia,
Whizlabs is providing Training for SCWCD 5 and its a 6 day Online Instructor led Training,The training is on weekends and you can attend it at your home.
The training covers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, i.e after attending first day session, if you did not like it, you can call or mail us and we will refund your full amount.
You will also get recordings of all 6 days and Whizlabs SCWCD 5 Exam Simulator free of cost with the training and support from the trainer till one month after the training.
Hope this help you,
For more queries, you can chat with us on website or mail us at support@whizlabs.com
Dear Suresh,
Thanks for purchasing Whizlabs Exam Simulator.
If your simulator is not working, kindly send us a mail at our support(at)whizlabs.com or you can call us at our customer care phone number and we will get your issue resolved within one working day.
Best Regards,
Raj Sharma
Customer Relations- Whizlabs

Suresh Vkumar wrote:Any one uses WhizLabs Exam Simulator for OCPJP(SCJP)6 exam. I have purchased a full version (in Aug 2011) and downloaded it. But its stop working after one simulation.
Wondering anyone uses this for test anymore or any good one out there ?
Thank you

Dear Kapil,
Thanks for your valuable feedback.
I want to point out new features which we have added in Whizlabs Exam Simulators according to your mentioned points:
1.We have added new questions in our OCPJP 6 and OCMEA exam simulator according to new pattern.
2.We are updating all questions in Objective wise questions so that it may not be repeated.
3.We have removed all questions which are out of syllabus.
4.Now we have launched our new version of offline exam simulator which is synchronized with Online exam simulator.i.e a user can login in our website and use either online or install offline version and it can be used without internet.
We appreciate your concern about Whizlabs products and your Comparison.
Thanks again for sharing your views in this forum and helping people in passing their certification exams.
Best Regards,
Raj Sharma
Customer Care-Whizlabs